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[email protected] | 29Dec2017 | Will Zuzak

NABU: An independent National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Dear Infoukes:

The year 2017 saw a determined effort by anti-corruption crusaders within Ukraine and around the world to establish an independent National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) https://nabu.gov.ua/en
Unfortunately, there was also a determined effort by the Prosecutor General Office (PGO) of the Presidential administration and the political operatives within the Verkhovna Rada to subvert the independence of the NABU.

This stalemate led to an ultimatum by Ukraine's partners in the European Union (so-called Venice Commission) and the IMF on the night of 06/07Dec2017 as archived on my website at
They threatened to cancel Ukraine's "Visa-Free Travel" privileges unless the independence of the NABU was assured.

The administration backed down and on 26Dec2017 president Poroshenko tabled a new proposal #7440 concerning the composition and operation of the anti-corruption court. Experts have already pointed out many inadequacies and are expected to demand many amendments during the first and second readings scheduled for mid-January 2018:
https://glavcom.ua/publications/antikorupciyniy-sud-462219.html (in Ukrainian)

The recent world-wide drive to confront organized crime, corruption and money laundering has been spearheaded by the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), who recently uncovered the "Russian Laundromat", and ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), who have publicized and continue to analyze the Panama and Paradise Papers. Their activities can be easily followed on the Internet. They are continually looking for volunteers to help with their work.

Let us hope that the year 2018 will see significant progress in combatting the corruption that is threatening world society.

Yours sincerely
Will Zuzak; 2017.12.29