Historical Background of Lily, MoZeus and WiZeus

The material archived on the WillZuzak.ca website traces its origins to the Deschenes Commission hearings of 1985 and the Jerusalem Show Trial of John Demjanjuk in 1987. At the time, my late wife, Lily, and I were living in the village of Ste. Julie, Quebec on the "South Shore" of Montreal. I was working for INRS-Energie at the Centre Canadien de fusion magnetique (CCFM) on the Tokamak de Varennes (TdeV) located at the research facilities of Hydro Quebec. At the instigation of Petro Jacyk circa 1987, Lily became head of the "Charitable Committee in Aid of John Demjanjuk's Family -- Montreal Branch", such that we became deeply involved in the Demjanjuk case.

Lily: As explained in demjanjukfiles.html and readme96h25.html (dated 25Aug1996), the Demjanjuk material was previously on the free webspace of the FortuneCity server at
http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/pakistan/83/  which morphed through several name changes to
http://zuzak.fortunecity.com/. Unfortunately, FortuneCity terminated its free webservice on 30Apr2012 necessitating the transfer of Lily to the Chickenlip webserver. You will note that other folders for Critiques, Katriuk Verdict (1999), Demjanjuk Transcripts (1987), Demjanjuk 2001 Trial, Demjanjuk 2009 Munich Trial, Demjanjuk 2011 Munich Appeal were added as time passed to archive the relevant material.

MoZeus:  As explained in index1.html , MoZeus was originally created on the Telusplanet webserver, when I joined the election team of Betty Unger to try to defeat Anne McLellan in the 27Nov200 Federal election. (Mrs. Unger lost by 67 votes.) Subsequently, this subsection was superseded by a multitude of "Issues" in separate folders as seen on the main page of MoZeus.
Geocities: As explained in Geocities/index.html and Geocities/geocities.html , my original Geocities website was created on 15Dec1999, but was transferred and incorporated into MoZeus in October 2009. It contains the Cotler Files, McLellan Files, Conference justifying Injustice, 1999.11.01 and letters to Anne McLellan and other politicians.

WiZeus:  was created on 24Apr2012 in the Chickenlip /cl/ folder, when WillZuzak.ca was launched to archive material under new "Issues". So far we have Religious Affairs, Katriuk 2012 and Video Links.

GRC Reports and Latest Additions:  in the lower right box are not as yet active, but will be housed in the /cl/ folder.

Will Zuzak; 2012.05.29