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    Katriuk Verdict

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    Dear Reader:
    The Demjanjuk Files consist of 68 ASCII text files in the main categories DEMJANJUK, DESCHENES, DESCROCK, CRTC, which I had posted on the (now defunct) UKRAINE newsgroup and soc.culture.ukrainian between 14 SEP 1993 and 30 SEP 1996.

    Since the OSI has launched proceedings on 19 MAY 1999 to try to denaturalize John Demjanjuk once again, I thought it important to make these files available (temporarily?) at this FortuneCity web site in the Demjanjuk subdirectory. In addition to this DemjanjukFiles.html, which you are reading, there are three other clickable html files listed above, via which the ASCII files are accessible. The Index file is the most comprehensive; the Readme file is more explanatory; and the DEMANUK027 file is a response to hate mongers attacking Mr. Demjanjuk.

    I do not know if I will be making additions in the future.

    Will Zuzak 1999-05-24