Canada 2000 Election

An Exercise in Hypocrisy

from the perspective of



On Sunday, October 22, 2000, Prime Minister Jean Chretien called an election for November 27, 2000, in a desperate attempt to forestall the surging political fortunes of the Canadian Alliance under the new leadership of Stockwell Day. For 36 days, the sensibilities and intelligence of Canadian electors will be insulted by political candidates, pundits and pollsters. The modern electoral process has little to do with democracy and everything to do with connivance, deceit and bribery of the electorate.

On this web site, we will attempt to highlight the issues as we see them. In addition to the national perspective (which is the only perspective covered by the news media), we will be concentrating on Edmonton, Alberta and, in particular, the contest in Edmonton-West between incumbent Anne McLellan and Canadian Alliance candidate, Betty Unger.

When you enter the web site, you will see the issues highlighted in a column on the left. On the top right, is a link to a (hopefully) daily commentary. Voters (including candidates) are invited to submit their views to the Email address below. Summaries of these views may be included in the daily commentary and/or incorporated as text into the appropriate issue.

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