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Walter Halchuk (1947.xx.xx - 2004.08.27)


Articles archived in Odynsky (Oberlander) files:

Halchuk response to Landy To Toronto Sun, Apr. 09, 2001; V. Halchuk
Telegdi's right To MPs, K-W Record, May 07, 2001; V. Halchuk
Telegdi is right Kitchener-Waterloo Record, May 08, 2001; V. Halchuk
Two Liberal MPs feel the heat To Globe and Mail; May 10, 2001; V. Halchuk
Sorry tale of Greenspon To Globe and Mail; May 15, 2001; V. Halchuk
Immigration’s nonsensical fear-mongering tactics Sudbury Star, July 21, 2001; V. Halchuk
Caplan creates two-tier system To Sudbury Star, Aug. 11, 2001, V. Halchuk
Replies to Gillis and Freeze To National Post, Dec. 05, 2001; V. Halchuk
Canadian war-crimes process is a farce and insulting Ottawa Citizen, Apr. 08, 2002; V. Halchuk
A Canard and a Travesty To Ralph Goodale, May 28, 2002; V. Halchuk
Canadian citizenship is irrelevant Toronto Sun, June 18, 2002; V. Halchuk
PM follows rival Martin out West To National Post, 29 July 2002; V. Halchuk
Re: Ottawa may end effort to expel Nazis To National Post, Sep. 20, 2002; V. Halchuk
Re: Ottawa says it won't go easy on suspected Nazis To National Post, Sep. 25, 2002; V. Halchuk
Response to Farber To Toronto Star, Sep. 27, 2002; V. Halchuk
Allan Rock initiated McCarthy-like policy Sudbury Star, Sep. 30, 2002; V. Halchuk
Hearing to deport Oberlander resumes To Toronto Star, Oct. 29, 2002; V. Halchuk