Response to Farber

Toronto Star
Dear Editor

Re: Getting away with mass murder, September 27,2002, Farber, Toronto Star

Our government in Ottawa must never end its efforts to deport Nazi war criminals, elderly or not. I’m referring to real World War Two Nazis, not alleged Nazis, or could-be Nazis. After spending millions of our tax dollars, Ottawa, has not been able to prove that even one of the three men about to be deported were Nazis. What is truly shameful is stripping the citizenship of someone who has been proved NOT to have been a Nazi, let alone a Nazi war criminal, while going easy on Communist war criminals. That is after resorting to a back- door method and lowering the standard of proof.

Lets face it, Ottawa’s Second World War Denaturalization and Deportation policy, with all its good intentions, has degenerated into an extravagant exercise based on smear and innuendo. To test its resolve, is Mr. Farber asking our government to endorse a strategy based on selective justice and supposition, to demonstrate its resolve? What kind of message is that sending?

To continue this twisted policy in any fashion will certainly impact on Canada’s credibility to pursue modern-day terrorists and modern-day war criminals. We need to focus on real criminals - for the sake of our children today.


V. Walter Halchuk Advocate for the Ontario Provincial Council
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Sudbury, ON