Allan Rock initiated McCarthy-like policy

Sudbury Star | September 30, 2002 | Volodymyr Halchuk

Dear Editor

Re: Allan Rock will hear Highway 69 concerns, pressure group told; Sept 9, 2002

I really wish the CRASH 69 committee [a committee set up to get Highway 69 expanded from 2 to 4 lanes along its entire length -- ed.] all the luck in the world in actually receiving any help from Federal Industry Minister Allan Rock. His track record as a responsible Minister is less that exemplary.

As justice minister Rock initiated a McCarthy-like policy of Denaturalization and Deportation, which circumvents criminal prosecution for alleged Second World War criminals, legalizes selective indictment and lowered the standard of proof with no appeal. Predictably this truly "un-Liberal" policy has degenerated into a wasteful exercise based on smear and innuendo.

Is this a Minister we want supporting the CRASH 69 committee?

V. Walter Halchuk