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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., January 02, 2013

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(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
Film on Holodomor for CMHR   Winnipeg Free Press, 21Dec2012; Staff Writer  [comments]
Feds, city in spat over CMHR servicing cost   Winnipeg Free Press, 19Dec2012; Bartley Kives [comments]
UCCLA disputes UCC position on Canadian Museum for Human Rights  UCCLA Media Release, 14Dec2012; Lubomyr Luciuk [W.Z.]
Ukrainian Canadain Congress meets with "Rights Museum"  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 12Dec2012; Paul Grod
CMHR launches new fundraising campaign highlighting education  Winnipeg Free Press, 12Dec2012; Staff Writer  [comments]
Trouble in Canadian Museum for Human Rights Wonderland?  Winnipeg Sun, 01Dec2012; Tom Brodbeck

- As usual, the Winnipeg Free Press keeps pimping on behalf of Gail Asper & Co. and their vision of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), while the Winnipeg Sun supports the perspective of the vast majority of Canadians (as evident from the comments to the articles) in decrying the terrible waste of perpetual tax dollars being used to build and maintain a monument to Israel Asper.

- Of particular interest to Ukrainians is the different approach to the issue of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA). In a recent meeting with CMHR personnel circa 12Dec2012, UCC “was disappointed in the manner in which the Holodomor and the First World War internment operations are to be presented in the CMHR”. On the other hand, UCCLA wants the CMHR to be “thematic, inclusive, and comparative in content”. Neither the Holodomor nor the Holocaust should be given preferential treatment.

- My optimum solution: the current Board of Trustees and CEO resign en masse; to be replaced by new personnel; existing plans be revised.

(2) Ukrainophobia: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html
Tiahnybok denies anti-Semitism in Svoboda  Kyiv Post, 27Dec2012; Interfax-Ukraine  [W.Z.]
Svoboda: The rise of Ukraine's ultra-nationalists  BBC News Magazine, 25Dec2012; David Stern  [W.Z.]
Mila Kunis Targeted  Huffington Post, 21Dec2012; Ukrainopobe Author Unknown [W.Z., links, comments]
Rabbi Asman asks that Ukrainains not use the word "Zhyd" in reference to Jews  RISU, 20Dec2012; Staff  [W.Z., Ukr]
Rabbi Milman supports the use of the word "Zhyd" in the Ukrainian language  Gazeta.ua, 19Dec2012; David Milman [W.Z., Ukr]
Ukraine okays 'Zhyd' slur [?] for Jews  Times of Israel, 19Dec2012; Stuart Winer  [W.Z., comments by R.S]
Why the word ‘zhyd’ stirs fighting in Ukraine   Kyiv Post, 05Dec2012; Yulia McGuffie  [W.Z., comments by R.S, jpg by O.T.]

- The seven articles archived this month are all related to the use of the Ukrainian word "Zhyd" versus the Russian word "Yevrei" for the English word "Jew".  A number of comments to the initial article by Yulia McGuffie, especially by Orysia Tracz and Roman Serbyn, explain the historical evolution of the terms “Zhyd” and “Yevrei” in Ukraine. My personal observation is that Ukrainians developed a split categorization  of the two terms: "Zhydy" were the people who had lived for centuries amongst them; "Yevreii" were the Russified Jews sent or recruited by Moscow to subjugate Ukrainians to Muscovite rule. (Perhaps a similar dichotomy exists for the distinction between Russian and Muscovite.)  In my opinion, to use the term Yevrei is to condone the anti-Ukrainian and Russification policies imposed by Moscow for so many years.

- Amongst the Jewish community, Professor Goldelman always used "zhyd" in his scholarly writings. Even today, Rabbi Milman likes the word "zhyd"; whereas Rabbi Asman prefers "Yevrei".

- Amongst Ukrainophobes within Ukraine and the Jewish Diaspora, however, the issue has gone viral, as illustrated in the article titled "Mila Kunis targeted". Allegedly, Ihor Miroshnichenko, a member of parliament representing the Svoboda party used the perfectly innocuous word "zhydivka" in a Facebook blog with reference to Mila Kunis. The Ukrainophobes have used this as an excuse to demonize Svoboda and patriotic Ukrainians, who support the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian independence.

(3) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/fc/2011/2011.html
Demjanjuk's Family Appeal Decision on Death  Jewish Daily Forward, 05Dec2012; JTA  [W.Z.]
Sensational turn in the investigation of Demjanjuk's death  Press Release, 04Dec2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Submission to Public Prosecutor's Office Traunstein  Court Submission, 04Dec2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Appeal to Attorney General  Attorney General, 28Nov2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Complaint to Public Prosecutor's Office Traunstein  Court Complaint, 28Nov2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]

- The family of John Demjanjuk has appealed a prosecutor's decision to shelve an investigation into his death.
- The Holocaust Industry persists in referring to Mr. Demjanjuk as "Ivan the Terrible" and "Nazi war criminal", when both terms are inappropriate.
- The three submissions to the German legal authorities submitted by Ulrich Busch, as well as his press release, are in German. We have used the Microsoft Word translator to provide a rather bad English-language version. Hopefully, we will eventually obtain a proper translation.

The International Action Center ( http://www.iacenter.org/ ) was founded by Ramsey Clark in 1992. A fund raiser in honor of his 85th birthday and 20th anniversary of the IAC is planned for 12Jan2013. (Perhaps some Ukrainians may want to attend or contribute.) Few people know (or remember) that Ramsay Clark was prepared to defend John Demjanjuk during the appeal to the Supreme Court of Israel in 1990. This is described on page 277 of  Yoram Sheftel's book titled "The Demjanjuk Affair: The Rise and Fall of a Show Trial":

"Towards the end of April 1990, three weeks before the appeal hearing began, Nishnic called to inform me that Peter Yatzik was refusing to transfer to the family tens of thousands of dollars that had been collected by the defence fund's Canadian branch. Yatzik justified this by saying that in his opinion the Supreme Court should be asked to postpone the appeal for another year, so that the family could fire me and retain the services of Ramsay Clark, who had served as Attorney General under President Lyndon Johnson. [....] Yatzik and his friends, who had joined forces with Dr Miroslav Dragan, a fanatically anti-Semitic Ukrainian-American physician, did not give up easily, and even wrote to Demjanjuk directly about it. But the Demjanjuk family refused even to consider it."

(4) Video Links:  http://www.willzuzak.ca/cl/videolinks/videolinks.html
- No additions this month.

(5) Perfidy:  http://www.willzuzak.ca/cl/perfidy/perfidy.html
- No additions this month.

Khrystos Razhdayetsia i Veseloho Novoho Roku !
Will Zuzak, 2013.01.02