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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., February 01, 2012

(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
Ukraine Famine  United Human Rights Council, 2011, Article
Was Western Mail journalist Gareth Jones killed for defying Stalin?  Wales Online, 11Jan2012; Aled Blake
From Shill to Saint  Blogspot, 08Jan2012; blackrod

Of the 3 articles archived above,
- “blackrod” continues criticizing the promoters of Israel Asper’s vision of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, who have consistently misled the public and the various governments;
- Welsh journalist, Aled Blake reports that journalist John Sweeney is demanding that the Kremlin declassify the files on Gareth Jones -- his 1933 report on the famine in Ukraine and his untimely death in China in 1934;
- and an article on the website of the United Human Rights Council on the Holodomr, which points out that 16 countries recognize the Holodomor as genocide (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Estonia, Ecuador, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, and the U.S.), and 8 countries recognize it as a deliberate act of famine (Argentina, Czech Republic, Chile, Slovakia, Spain, Balearic Islands, Spain, and Vatican), whereas MK comments that France, Germany, Israel, Turkey are strangely missing.

(2) Ukrainophobia: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html
- There were no additions this past month.

(3) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/fc/2011/2011.html

Nazi crimes against Soviet POWs  xoxol.org, 22Jan2012; Lubomyr Prytulak
Demjanjuk seeks funds to sue German paper  New Jersey Herald, 19Jan2012; Associated Press
Demjanjuk seeks funds to sue German paper  Kyiv Post, 19Jan2012; Associated Press  [Comments, 19 photos]
The fictitious Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka  New Yorker, 15Jan2012; Lubomyr Prytulak
Government asks judge to stick with Demjanjuk ruling  Kyiv Post, 13Jan2012; Thomas Sheeran  [W.Z.]
John Demjanjuk asks judge to reconsider citizenship bid  Newsnet 5, 06Jan2012; John Seewer
Polster20120120Order.pdf  20Jan2012 Judge Polster denies Demjanjuk 05Jan2012 reconsideration request
Demjanjuk20120119Reconsideration.pdf  19Jan2012 Dennis Terez responds to OSI response
OSI20120112Response239.pdf  12Jan2012 OSI responds to reconsideration request
Demjanjuk20120105Reconsideration.pdf  05Jan2012 Dennis Terez submits request for reconsideration to Judge Polster
Polster20111220Denial.pdf  20Dec2011 Judge Polster denies Demjanjuk motion of 19Jul2011

- Of the 11 articles archived above, 4 are pdf files referring to the court case before Judge Dan Polster, 2 are newspaper articles on these submissions, 2 refer to a new initiative by Mr. Demjanjuk to sue the German newspaper Bild for defamation and 2 are articles by Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak.

To add substance and visual confirmation to Mr. Demjanjuk’s declaration “Germany is Guilty” as read out by his attorney, Dr. Ulrich Busch, during the April 13, 2010 public court session in Munich, Germany, Lubomyr Prytulak has added over 19 photographs of the Germans starving, shooting and hanging Ukrainians during World War II at

(4) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/Demjanjuk2009/Demjanjuk2009.html
(5) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/Demjanjuk2011/Demjanjuk2011.html

Table of Contents: (inverse chronological order)
20Jan2012:  Judge Polster denies Demjanjuk 05Jan2012 reconsideration request
19Jan2012:  Dennis Terez responds to OSI response
12Jan2012:  OSI responds to reconsideration request
05Jan2012:  Dennis Terez submits request for reconsideration to Judge Polster
20Dec2011:  Judge Polster denies Demjanjuk motion of 19Jul2011
01Nov2011:  Dennis Terez submits "Reply Brief of John Demjanjuk" to Judge Polster
18Oct2011:  OSI response submitted to Judge Polster
 Order of Judge Polster to OSI to respond by 19Aug2011 (extended for 2 months)
19Jul2011:  Demjanjuk lawyers submit motion to "Review John Demjanjuk's 1981 denaturalization process" to Judge Polster.

The Table of Contents links to the various submissions by the John Demjanjuk defense, responses by the OSI and the orders and rulings of Judge Dan Polster in the ongoing court case in Cleveland, Ohio. (This material is reflected in my FortuneCity website and in the xoxol.org website.)

(6) XoXoL:  http://www.xoxol.org/
- This month, Lubomyr Prytulak has archived the Demjanjuk defense submissions of 05 and 19Jan2012 to Judge Dan Polster. In addition (as reported above), he has added a large number of shocking photographs of German atrocities in Ukraine during WWII at

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2012.02.01