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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., October 06, 2010

(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
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(2) Ukrainophobia: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html

(3) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/fc/2009/2009.html
Three articles were archived this month.
Court rejects bid to bar testimony on Demjanjuk  Boston Herald, 14Sep2010; Associated Press  [W.Z. 3 links]
Germany: Demjanjuk trial meets after summer break  yahoo.com, 13Sep2010; Andrea Jarach  
John Demjanjuk's life story should be a Hollywood mini-series  Crime File News, 04Sep2010; "Blog"  [W.Z. link]

(4) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/Demjanjuk2009/Demjanjuk2009.html
trawniki1393.html (archive)
transcripts2001.html (archive)

Trawniki ID cards: Forms and Stamps  (trawniki1393/trawnikiTypes.html)
G. Dragan Analysis, 1990.02.06
H.  The 4th Directorate of the MGB
Section H of Demjanjuk2009.html, archived at
contains an analysis of the MGB as obtained on the Internet, two articles by Ivan Bilas and an article by Tetyana Kharchenko on UPA Centurion Myroslav Symchych.

H4.   Literaturna Ukraina | 22Oct1992 | Ivan Bilas
H5.   Literaturna Ukraina | 29Oct1992 | Ivan Bilas
"Such a picture emerged in Ukraine fifty years ago: the greatness and tragedy. Greatness -- the organized resistance of our people against the occupation regimes, the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and its armed struggle for the Independent Ukrainian State. Tragedy - the unheard of measures of punitive policy of the Stalinist regime against freedom-loving people and their organic desire for their own state in which they would be able to live their lives; repressions, which took the lives of hundreds of thousands of sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people, about whom the Sovereign Ukrainian state should not now forget, bowing its head low before all those who fought for its existence, for its freedom and independence against its numerous armed enemies."

H6.  Ukraina Moloda |  30Jul2003 | Tetyana Kharchenko
"In the past, Mr. Myroslav was an  UPA Centurian and political prisoner, who spent more than 32 years (or 11,000,775 days) in prisons and concentration camps. He was tortured and beaten, but not pacified by the brutality of camp guards or unsympathetic environment at large. Behind bars Symchych became friends and met with the leading Ukrainian Sixtiers: writer Evhen Sverstyuk, poets Ivan Svitlychny and Ihor Kalynets, journalist Valeriy Marchenko. Together, they put the Soviet Union on its ear by sending abroad a letter of protest from the Urals camp, which was published in the German magazine "Spiegel". The world then learned about the horrors that lay behind bars in "the great and indestructible" USSR."

All three of the above articles, originally in the Ukrainian-Russian languages, have rough English-language translations. In my Conclusion in section H7, I state :

“The material in this section clearly demonstrates that the main function of the 4th Directorate of the MGB was to "Struggle with anti-Soviet underground, nationalist formations and hostile elements". They used terror, torture, deportation and deception to destroy the independence movements in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and, especially, Ukraine.

 We know that the MGB transmuted into the KGB on 13Mar1954 after the execution of Beria and that Lieutenant-General Evgenii Petrovich Pitovranov was the head of 4th Directorate of the KGB in 1957-1960. We also know that Z. Bazilevskaya, who signed the Trawniki ID card, worked for the 4th Directorate either in 1948 when it was part of the MGB or in 1974 when it was part of the KGB. One wonders who the head of the 4th Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation is today?

When the 4th Directorate conspired to initiate the case of John Demjanjuk in 1974 they were fullfilling their stated mandate, "Destruction of the anti-Soviet underground, nationalist formations and hostile elements" by discrediting the Ukrainian independence movement in the Diaspora and within Ukraine. Who would have imagined how wildly successful they would be? They have compromised the judicial system in the United States with the creation of the Office of Special Investigations followed by the treasonous machinations of Allan Ryan, Walter Rockler and their ilk; in Canada with the establishment of the denatualization and deportation policy, where Canadian judges accepted KGB documents and travelled to the USSR to hear testimony of the KGB-prepared witnesses; and now Germany, where the prosecution and judges blindly accept documents and testimony prepared and selected by the 4th Directorate of the KGB.”

(5) XoXoL:  http://www.xoxol.org/
Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak has placed much Demjanjuk material at
wherein one finds
http://www.xoxol.org/dem/blurb.html  Blurb biography of John Demjanjuk case.
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/forge.html  “Forged and Obliterated”: Demjanjuk signature on Trawniki ID card.

http://www.xoxol.org/traw/photo.html “Who glued Demjanjuk photograph to Trawniki card 1393?”
http://www.xoxol.org/dem/letter-from-death-row.html “Letter from Death Row
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/patterns.html  “Four stamp types, Five stamp patterns”
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/closer.html  “A closer look at a stamp-imprint”
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/dog-eared.html  “Why is the John Demjanjuk photograph dog-eared?”
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/stewart.html  “Larry Stewart’s counter-clockwise solution”
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/bazilevskaya.html  Bazilevskaya’s Revenge
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/streibel.html  The Karl Streibel signature
http://www.xoxol.org/traw/creases.html  Even the creases are wrong
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Will Zuzak,  2010.10.13

P.S. Apologies for the one week delay.