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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., July 02, 2008

(1) Holodomor:
Study of genocide must include Holodomor” Toronto Sun, 24Jun2008; P. Worthington
Message to Moscow” Globe and Mail, 11Jun2008; James Marson

Peter Worthington lambasts the Toronto District School Board for refusing to include the Ukrainian Holodomor in its new Grade 11 course on the study of genocide. The Ukrainian community in Ontario continues to organize and lobby influential people to include the Holodomor in the curriculum.

James Marson discusses the Holodomor controversy from a contemporary  political perspective in that “it is an important step in standing up to Russia's refusal to come to terms with Ukraine's autonomy as an independent state”.

Canada and Ukraine” Ottawa Citizen, 24Jun2008; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
also emphasizes the geopolitical relevance of recognizing the Holodomor as genocide.

Steve Komarnyckyj continues to lobby the British government to recognize the Holodomor as genocide:

(2) CHRC:
”Human Rights” Commissions and Tribunals” To David Warren, 01Jul2008; W. Klinck
Re: "The resistance must continue" Ottawa Citizen, 28Jun2008; D. Warren

Anyone care about free speech?” Toronto Sun, 23Jun2008; P. Worthington
Human Rights Act foils reasoned debate” Western Catholic Reporter, 23Jun2008; Bishop Henry
CHRC Launches Independent Review On Hate Messaging on the Internet” CHRC, 17Jun2008; Press Release

CHRC Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch appointed Professor Richard Moon to “review of how best to address hate messages on the Internet”. Most news commentators feel that this is just a tactic to obfuscate the criminal investigation of CHRC personnel and the increasing calls to have Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act repealed.

Bishop Henry calls upon Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach to repeal Section 3(1)(b) of the Alberta Human Rights Act and to rein in Lori Andreachuk, the chairperson of the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal. Peter Worthington feels that occasional hateful diatribes “are unavoidable byproducts of the advantages of freedom of speech”.

Wallace Klinck commends David Warren for criticizing the CHRC, which Mr. Klinck characterizes as “Pharisee-Bolshevik political kangaroo courts where guilt is determined in advance”.

(3) John Demjanjuk:
Lawyers ask Spanish court to charge 4 alleged ex-guards at Nazi camps” Haaretz.com, 25Jun2008; Associated Press
Civil rights group wants John Demjanjuk extradited to Spain for war crimes” Cleveland Plain Dealer, 24Jun2008; J. Caniglia
Germans To Put Ivan The Terrible On Deaths Trial” Daily Record, 20Jun2008; A. Hall


Since no self-respecting country wants to legitimize the criminality of the OSI by accepting Mr. Demjanjuk, the minions of the Holocaust Industry have been busy trying to have Mr. Demjanjuk deported by other means:
Kurt Schrimm, Germany's chief Nazi prosecutor, thinks he could legitimately prosecute and convict Mr. Demjanjuk. Equipo Nizkor, a so-called Spanish Latin American civil rights group, filed a lawsuit at Spain's National Court on 19Jun2008.

(4) Iran:
Scott Ritter: Iran Not Pursuing Nukes, But U.S. Will Attack Before '09

Canadian destroyers in the Persian Gulf are providing protective cover for U.S. aircraft carriers. Should the United States attack Iran as predicted, Canada will have been complicit in initiating World War III. Canadians should demand of the federal government that our navy be removed from the Persian Gulf and ask for assurances that Canadian troops in Afganistan will not be deployed either to Iran or Pakistan.

I have written previously that, with appropriate IAEA inspections, it would be impossible for Iran to produce nuclear weapons.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2008-07-02