To Yulia Tymoshenko | 27Jan2007 | Will Zuzak

Tymoshenko on "Moscow's Mideast Myopia"

Via Email: [email protected]
Date: 27 January 2007

Dear Yulia Tymoshenko:

I was astounded by your article titled "Moscow's Mideast Myopia" in your Inform newsletter dated 22 January 2007. Your argumentation is predicated on the assumption that Iran wishes to produce nuclear weapons; whereas Iran has repeatedly stated that it has no intentions of doing so and that its nuclear energy program is directed to producing electricity for its population. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms that there is no evidence of a nuclear weapons program.

You appear to approve of the economic sanctions imposed on Iran and implicitly provide moral support to the warmongers in the United States and Israel, who are demanding military (and, perhaps, even nuclear) attacks upon Iran.

My views on the issue are best summarized by my letter (linked here) to CBC News dated 04 September 2005 criticizing an article titled "Europeans threaten to refer Iranian nuclear issue to UN Security Council". Since that time, the Russian Federation has been bribed to support sanctions, such that the second paragraph should now read:

"I suspect that the real motive behind the U.S./European/Russian attitude towards Iran's nuclear program is not to preclude the development of nuclear weapons; it is to preclude the development of nuclear technology for the production of electricity outside of U.S./European/Russian control. The "West"/Russia are establishing a stranglehold on the world's oil and natural gas supplies; they appear to want to establish a similar stranglehold on nuclear fission reactor technology."

At one time Ukraine was contracted to supply turbines for the Bushehr reactor in Iran, but, under U.S. pressure, unwisely broke its contract. The majority of Ukrainians agree that it is necessary for Ukraine to develop a closed nuclear fuel cycle for its present and future nuclear reactors. Do you no longer support your own past proposals?

In my opinion, Ukraine, BYUT and you should support Iran developing nuclear fission reactor technology to fuel its reactors. Under appropriate IAEA inspection procedures, it would be impossible for Iran to establish a nuclear weapons program.

Respectfully yours
William Zuzak, Ph.D., P.Eng. (retired); 2007-01-27
Edmonton, Canada

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