To David Warren | 01Jul2008 | Wallace Klinck

"Human Rights" Commissions and Tribunals

From: Wallace Klinck
Date: July 1, 2008 6:23 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: "Human Rights" Commissions and Tribunals

Dear David Warren,

May I commend you most heartily, and with gratitude, for the candid and powerful criticism you have delivered
["The resistance must continue" Ottawa Citizen, 28Jun2008; David Warren ]
against these outrageous, immoral and unconstitutional so-called "official" Human "Rights" institutions in Canada. They appear to mark the return and complete ascendancy of the Pharisee-Bolshevik political kangaroo courts where guilt is determined in advance even of a hearing -- a hearing in which the accused will in any case be deprived of virtually all the protections provided in a normal court of law.

But, one has to ask -- these Human "Rights" bodies, although in a realistic and proper sense unconstitutional, extra-legal and illegal, are de-facto creatures of the legislatures of this nation. Are we to assume that the politicians are hopelessly ignorant of every important aspect of our British history of protections under a constitution and the common law, are they insipid obedients to insistent or threatening shadowy pressure groups, are they concerned only to do the will of those whom they perceive as controlling their political and economic fortunes, are they immoral or amoral cynical power-crazed misfits who will betray the legitimate and hard-won rights and protections of the citizens whose interests they profess to represent, are they guilty of outright and blatant treason -- or what?

How could this transparent threat to individual freedoms of the most elementary kind have ever occurred in a country of British constitutional and judicial heritage? The whole thing seems quite mad. Where is our pathetic "Supreme" Court -- in not-so-secret support of this road to dictatorship through perverted "legalism?" Perhaps many or most of the people have become as placidly irresponsible as the political system is seemingly and unredeemingly corrupt?

In any case, I agree without reservation that responsible and intelligent people of all persuasions, regardless of how few they may seem to be, must unrelentingly oppose these monstrosities which profess to uphold human rights with one hand while progressively destroying them with the other. They must be finally and fully exposed for the totalitarian forces that they represent and permanently eliminated from the political and "legal" "Canadian landscape for the intolerable and obscene excrescencies that they are.

You are quite right about the dropping of the case against Maclean's and their correspondent being a self-defensive tactic. It is, of course entirely consonant with the Leninist Bolshevik strategy of "two steps forward, one step back" as an unending dialectic assault, by the gradualism of repeated advance and retreat, intended to wear down and defeat the intended victim who dares to resist unjust impositions or who strikes out in defense. Quite obviously there is a major and determined program to centralize political and economic power in ever larger amalgamated political and geographical jurisdictions and no person or institution is to be tolerated who shows sufficient individual, intellectual, moral or cultural independence to question, much less obstruct, this internationalist goal.

Human "Rights" Commissions obviously have been chosen as the instrument to beat down ruthlessly any growing opposition to this dangerous world power-centralizing policy. It is time they were stopped cold in their tracks and that not some but all the citizens of this nation let it be known in no uncertain terms that they will not tolerate the suppression and destruction of their most basic natural and constitutional rights to freedom of thought, of speech, of assembly and of open debate. We will not tolerate suppression by the arch bigotry and intolerance of tyrants who not only assert by virtue of some self-appointed "divine" sinecure, the exclusive "right" to speak for all of their fellow citizens -- but enforce by arbitrary decree their own self-appropriated power to rule by the most odious and oppressive pseudo-legalistic reign of terror.

Rather than comment further, I attach for your interest a PDF which is a brief dossier relating to this most crucial issue of our time.

Yours most sincerely
Wallace M. Klinck

Ottawa Citizen | 28Jun2008 | David Warren

The resistance must continue

As was perfunctorily reported on Thursday [26Jun2008], the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, one of three HRCs to which Islamists took Maclean's magazine for having published Mark Steyn, has self-protectively dismissed the case before it could come to tribunal. The Ontario HRC had previously dismissed it: but with an outrageous statement from its chief commissioner, Barbara Hall, to the effect that Maclean's was guilty of publishing "hate," nonetheless. She regretted that her commission had no mandate to try the case, but looked forward to a time when this mandate would be extended.

A British Columbian "human rights" tribunal did, however, decide that it had jurisdiction over what a Toronto-based magazine could publish, and the show trial against Maclean's continues there, with judgment awaited. The Alberta HRC continues to try Ezra Levant and his Western Standard magazine (now defunct in print) -- in proceedings that have gone on for more than two years. The Canadian HRC has taken 16 months in preliminary consideration of the case a gay activist brought against the small Toronto-based Catholic Insight magazine. Indeed: prolonged and arbitrary delays appear to be part of the method by which the HRCs bleed their respondents dry with legal and other expenses.

I have mentioned only the current cases in which periodical publications have been prosecuted, in the strange new world of "Kafkanada" -- where you can be tried for the same imaginary "hate crimes" in any or all federal and provincial jurisdictions, simultaneously or sequentially. A single complaint by any reader anywhere is enough to launch a secret inquiry. The target has no right to confront his accuser, and will not at first even be told who he or she is.

Truth is no defence, the absence of harm is no defence, there are no rules of evidence whatever, and the inquisitors of these kangaroo courts may ultimately reach any "judgment" they please, after months or years of playing cat-and-mouse with their selected victim.

A Protestant minister in Alberta was, for instance, recently ordered to publicly renounce his Christian beliefs, as well as pay a big lump sum to the anti-Christian activist who had prosecuted him, in a case I mentioned in a previous column, and which I am pleased to see is getting wide publicity in the United States even if not up here. "Re-education" programs are frequently assigned, for which the victim must also pay.

All of the complainant's expenses are paid by the taxpayer, as well as all of the overheads and expenses of the jet-setting "human rights" bureaucrats, who do all the prosecutorial work, as well as providing both judge and jury. The system is, in principle, indistinguishable from that in place during the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China. It was perpetrated by leftist activists on the Canadian people while they were sleeping. It is a system of the activists, by the activists, and for the activists.

The people are still sleeping, but some "blowback" has finally begun to occur. Given its very eccentric inquisitorial practices, which have been documented and publicized on the Internet, the CHRC is now under an RCMP investigation, a Privacy Commission investigation, and there is a Parliamentary investigation pending. (As a public relations exercise, the CHRC has also hand-picked its own "independent" investigator to do what we can only assume will be a defensive whitewash, as usual at taxpayer expense.) It is against this background the CHRC decided that the better part of valour is discretion, and that it truly did not need to be prosecuting such high-profile targets as the bestselling author Mark Steyn and the mainstream newsweekly Maclean's, at the present time. The CHRC can retrench, and return to its bread-and-butter business of destroying little people who command no publicity -- biding their time until circumstances are propitious to "extend their mandate" again.

Vigilance is the price of liberty, and it is crucially important that we not take the heat off Canada's HRCs when they retreat. Canadians need to know the whole truth about what these vile "human rights" investigators have been doing, and their past victims should be exonerated.

Given what has already occurred, it is not enough simply to fire the people responsible for specific abuses. The Human Rights Code must be rewritten to eliminate future challenges to free speech and press, and the HRCs themselves taken down. The very notion that "your freedom ends when I begin to feel offended" must be shown for what it is: totalitarian flotsam in the fetid swamp of politically correct thought.

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