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[email protected] | 28Jan2018 | Will Zuzak

Russian Organized Crime in North America in the mid-1990's

Dear Infoukes:

In November 2017, Stefan Lemieszewski sent me a 50-page (scanned) pdf file of a request for a "Wiretap Affidavit" dated 31Mar1995 by FBI agent Lester McNulty for Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov, who had been identifiied as an important member of the Russian Organized Crime (ROC) syndicate operating in New York City and the United States. Mr. McNulty refers to the extensive cooperation of the FBI with the Canadian RCMP to investigate ROC.

My summary appended below indicates that the law enforcement authorities of both the United States and Canada had very extensive knowledge of Russian Organized Crime spreading its tentacles into North America in the mid-1990's. One would have thought that they would have been able to squelch it in its infancy. And yet, with the advent of Vladimir Putin to power in 2000, ROC has grown to dominate the politics and economics of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and many other countries under its dominance. It has obviously made deep inroads into the political and economic institutions in Europe, the United States, Canada  and other countries.

Organized Crime is threatening the very existence of the "rule of law" and democratic values around the world. In my opinion, under the presidency of Donald Trump, the United States is in danger of following in Russia's footsteps to become a Mafia state.

Yours sincerely
Will Zuzak; 2018.01.28

United States District Court | 31Mar1995 | Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov

Summary by Will Zuzak:

In addition to Mr Ivankov, Mr. McNulty refers to Vyacheslav Sliva (Canada connection?), Joseph Sigalov, Irene Komisar, Eduard Ivankov and others.
- On 28Sep1994, the Honorable Justice Ewaschuk, Toronto, Canada authorized the RCMP to intercept communications of Joseph Sigalov and (later) Vyacheslav Sliva.
- In his analysis of ROC, McNulkty refers to Chechen and Georgian, as well as the Moscow groups -- including "Solntsevo" (Sergei Mikhaylov, Viktor Averin), "Orekhovo-Borisov", "Lyuberetskaya" and "Izmailovskaya".
- Ivankov was jailed in Moscow in about 1980, was released prematurely in 1991, entered the United States on a business visa in 1992 and from his base in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, organized the ROC in North America.
- "Enforcers" are Aleksei Petrov, FNU Inshakov, Viktor Sergeyev,
- Money laundering via "Atkom" (Vienna), "Ritual" (Moscow), "Arbat International" (Moscow), Seva Mogielevich (Budapest).
- Ivankov's illegal dealings with Anzor Kikalishvili, Joseph Kobzon (singer) and Joseph Sigalov (Canadian businessman) -- Otari Kvantreshvili (assassinated April 1994).
- Ivankov's extortion attempts (via Roustam Sadykov, Maxim Korostishevsky, Vladimir Topko and Valery Novak) of Summit International (Alexander Volkov and Vladimir Voloshin).
- Sergei Ivanovich Timofeyev (assassinated in Moscow in September 1994) had extensive contacts with Monya Elson (ROC)  in New York.
- Dzhemal Konstantinovich Khachidze (Moscow drug trade) ordered murder of Oleg Karotaev in Brighton Beach (New York) in January 1994.
- Gennadiy Ivankov (son) and Felix Komarov are laundering money for Ivankov.
- Between 03/08Jan1995, a high-level meeting of ROC leaders presumbly took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico including Ivankov, Averin, Arnold Tamm, Khachidze and others from Georgia and St. Petersburg. (Presumably excluding Chechen renegade Ruslan Labazanov.)
- Confirmed by other RCMP and FBI investigations -- one or more murders planned;  Kobzon to attend; telephone intercepts of Sigalov, ex-wife "Rossiya", "Marik", Kobzon's wife Nellia; Yuri Fooks (Toronto);  Larisa (ex-sister-in-law); 2-story building in Kharkiv; Alimjan Tochtachunov (moved from Cologne, Germany to Paris, France); Alexander Donskoi, Dimitri  Yakoubovski (arrested in Moscow).
- From 03/15Jan1995, FBI observed following figures at San Juan Hotel, Puerto Rico: Joseph Kobzon (and family), Joseph Sigalov (and family), Alexander Donskoi (and girlfriend).
- Vyacheslav Sliva (an ethnic Assyrian in Toronto) is Ivankov's brother-in-law and very good friend.
- On 08Mar1995, "Alik" (Tochtachunov) phoned Sliva with news that Monya Elson was arrested in Italy (who might cooperate with authorities) and to warn Ivankov.
- On 11Mar1995, RCMP information: Sigalov in Lipetsk, Kharkiv and Moscow, where he met with Anton Milevsky and Vyacheslav Aksyonov. (Is he related to Sergei Aksyonov, the current Prime Minister of Crimea?).
- On 15/18Mar1995, RCMP monitored conversations between Natalia Dubikova (Sliva's girlfriend) and Faina Komisar (Ivankov's girlfriend).

[... 50-page pdf file ...]

[email protected] | 29Jan2018 | Stefan Lemieszewski

BTW, that's the same Vyacheslav "Yaponchik" Ivankov, a vor v zakone, who lived in Trump Tower, New York City, and money-laundered in Trump's Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. It was Semion "Brainy Don" Mogilevich, that bribed a judge to get Ivankov released early from a Siberian prison. He was sent to organize the Russian Mafia in North America by a decision made at a mafia summit meeting in Moscow in 1991.

Joseph Sigalov was based in Toronto where he owned a bakery. It's been reported that Sigalov "was the publisher of Exodus, an influential Orthodox Jewish newspaper in Toronto sponsored by the Chabad movement." In 1994, Sigalov hired Robert Kaplan, the former Canadian Solicitor General in charge of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) ie. Canada's CIA.  Former MP and CabMin Robert Kaplan served as Sigalov's "business advisor." The RCMP wiretap affidavit was ordered after Kaplan retired.

In Red Mafiya, author Robert I Friedman wrote:

But Sigalov’s good deeds and legitimate business affairs were little more than a cover for
international heroin smuggling, arms trafficking, and extortion. In one incident, Ivankov ordered
Sigalov and Vyacheslav Sliva, the godfather of Russian organized crime in Canada, to have their
henchmen visit the mayor of Kharkov in Ukraine. The thugs not only strong-armed the mayor
into paying protection money to operate the city-run casino, but for good measure also took over
control of Ukraine’s state-sponsored lottery, according to the RCMP.

Sigalov and Ivankov were joined at the Puerto Rican conclave by the elite of the Russian
underworld: along with Joseph Kobzon and mob leaders from Georgia, St. Petersburg, Miami,
and Brighton Beach were Viktor Averin and Sergei Mikhailov, heads of the Solntsevskaya
organization. Although the Puerto Rican meeting was supposed to be a discussion about “who
we will kill, fuck,” the mob bosses seized the occasion to express their ire at Ivankov. They were
incensed over his reckless behavior, accusing him of gratuitously murdering dozens of Russian
cops, customs officers, and tax police in his unbridled quest to dominate Russia’s drug trade. The
violence was attracting too much attention from the law and ruining everybody’s business, they
complained. When they patiently tried to work out an equitable division of the drug spoils, an
implacable Ivankov simply refused. Miraculously, the mobsters did manage to agree on several
mutually beneficial rubouts without a quarrel.

Eduard Ivankov is Vyacheslav Ivankov's son.

Vyacheslav Sliva ("the godfather of the Russian Mafia in Canada") is Ivankov's brother-in-law.

To get permission from a judge for a wiretap, the RCMP had to provide him with the rationale in an affidavit. It contains lots of interesting info about the Russian mafia. Thank you for your summary, Will.

Stefan Lemieszewski