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Vintage | 2008 | Misha Glenny


A Journey through the Global Criminal Underworld

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Title Page

            PART I: The Fall of Communism

1. Death of an American
2. Bloody Lucre
3. The Mafiya: Midwives of Capitalism
4. Spreading the Word

           PART II: Gold, Money, Diamonds, and Banks

5. Aliyah
6. Xanadu I
7. Xanadu II
    Photo Insert 1
8. The Theater of Crime
9. Black and White

            PART III: Drugs and Cybercrime

10. Buddies
      Photo Insert 2
11. March of Fear
12. Code Orange

            PART IV: The Future of Organized Crime

13. The Overunderworld
14. The Future of Organized Crime

A Note on Sources
Illustration Credits
A Note About the Author
Also by Misha Glenny

Analysis by Will Zuzak: To be completed.