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Hachette Books | 2018 | Malcolm Nance

The Plot to Destroy Democracy

How Putin and his Spies are Undermining America and Dismantling the West

Nance2018PlotDestroyDemocracy.pdf  [199-pages, 2.0 MB]

Contents  [pdf-4]

Title Page  [pdf-2]
Copyright  [pdf-3]
Foreword  [pdf-5]

Introduction  [pdf-6]

SECTION I Cyber Bears
1. Shots Fired  [pdf-9]
2. Reporting to Moscow  [pdf-20]
3. Make Russia Great Again  [pdf-27]
4. Putin’s Philosophy  [pdf-40]
5. A Rising Russia, a Failing America  [pdf-47]

SECTION II Bullets, Lies, Laptops, and Spies
6. Active Measures  [pdf-57]
7. Fake News  [pdf-71]
8. Internet Research Agency & Russian Cyber Weapons  [pdf-80]
9. Hail Hydra!  [pdf-92]
10. The Axis of Autocracy  [pdf-108]
11. Operation GLOBAL GRIZZLY  [pdf-112]

SECTION III America Under Siege… from Within
12. Russia’s American Beachhead  [pdf-127]
13. The American Fifth Column  [pdf-138]
14. A Treasonous Aspect  [pdf-149]

Epilogue: “Freedom Is a Light”  [pdf-163]
Acknowledgments  [pdf-167]
Notes  [pdf-169]
Newsletters  [pdf-199]

Book Review by Will Zuzak:
Nance2018PlotDestroyDemocracy.pdf  [199-pages, 2.0 MB]

[1] Malcolm Wrightson Nance (b.20Sep1961) served 20 years as a U.S. Navy specialist in Naval Cryptology. After retiring in 2001, he has continued his involvement in the intelligence community. His book is a searing indictment of Donald Trump, his entourage and his supporters. He also criticizes the news media for being more interested in titillating news leaks, sexual deviation, etc., rather than concentrating on facts. He fully supports the conclusions of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.

Unfortunately, his description of the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan demonstrations in Kyiv from 21Nov2013 to 20Feb2014), as well as the annexation of Crimea and the Donbas invasion are rather sketchy and confusing.

[2] The Ctrl-F search function for "Ukrain" yields 108 hits -- most of which are in Ch. 3 (22), Ch.7 (22), Ch.5 (13), Ch. 11 (7), the rest of the chapters (29), and the Notes (15).
**** ****
pdf-14 -- The fact that the Trump team insisted on removing a core platform piece on the arming of Ukraine made many eyebrows rise.

pdf-16 -- An investigation by the New York Times of Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort would expose his ties to the Kremlin through his illicit dealings in Ukraine.

pdf-26 -- Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, Trump’s mafia consiglieri-like campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, were both so under Russian influence they were indicted for laundering funds believed to have come from a pro-Moscow Ukrainian strongman. [President Viktor Yanukovych]

pdf-32 -- A series of cultural revolutions called “Color Revolutions” took former Soviet states quickly out of Moscow’s sphere and into NATO’s. ... The first was the Rose Revolution in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 2003. ... It was quickly followed by the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine. ... The 2005, Kyrgyzstan’s Tulip Revolution happened, ...

pdf-33 -- Russia kept Ukraine within its influence using the price of gas it supplied to Ukraine as incentive to create favorable policies related to Russia.
- In 2008, Ukraine had begun discussions with the European Union to create an Association Agreement that would ultimately allow Ukraine a special trade arrangement with the EU. ... meanwhile, Putin offered large gas discounts and loans to Ukraine if Yanukovych didn’t sign the deal.

pdf-34 -- Gleb Pavlovsky told American television: “... Putin said, if Ukraine is to join NATO, it will join NATO without the Crimea. And when he came back from a meeting with Bush [in 2008], Putin started developing a plan for taking Crimea. It’s not that he did it personally; the chief of staff was given this task and they developed a plan, and that plan stayed in the safe box for seven years.”
- In 2014, Russia sent Special Forces without insignia to take over governmental administrative buildings in Crimea. Crimea was a peninsula that was part of Ukraine but had an ethnic majority of Russians.

pdf-36 -- He would also establish the primary generator of fake news in the West, the secret Russian Federation’s Internet Research Agency (RF-IRA). Prigozhin also runs private security contractors in Syria and Ukraine, and is linked to armed militants in Russian-dominant ethnic regions such as Donbass and Luhansk in Ukraine.
- His foray into information warfare was when he opened a fake news factory called Kharkiv News Agency. In 2013, Kharkiv was designed to create false pro-Moscow “people” who would hijack website comment pages and disparage the Euromaidan movement, the Ukrainian popular protests to move away from Moscow and toward Western Europe.

pdf-41 -- Surkov was focused on ideology. He created covert fake opposition parties not just in Russia but in Ukraine as well. ... In 2016, Surkov was put on the US sanctions list for his role in helping fashion the rebellious Donetsk and Luhansk “People’s Republics” and agitation in Eastern Ukraine.

pdf-42 -- In 2008, Dugin called for the seizure of Ukraine and Georgia and to bring them back into the post-Soviet sphere of influence. ... Dugin’s brand of radical, almost fascist conservative populism is very popular in the pro-Trump circles.

pdf-43 -- Malofeev was sanctioned by the Obama administration for being the principal funder of the Ukrainian separatist groups fighting in Donetsk that helped facilitate the seizure of Crimea.

pdf-51 -- An alternative to the Nashi is the Eurasian Youth Union (EYU), which was created in February 2005 to combat the Ukrainian Orange Revolution. ... The group was sanctioned by Ukraine, Canada, and the United States for participating in fighting in Ukraine. ... The EYU also created “war camps” outside of Moscow to prepare to fight in Ukraine or beyond.

pdf-52 -- Stanislav Vorobyov, leader of RIM, said men of the Imperial Legion were combat veterans of the pro-Moscow Ukrainian rebels fighting in the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

pdf-62 -- In 2015, Putin would boldly admit that Russian Special Forces had indeed spearheaded the invasion of Crimea. They needed to control the local government infrastructure, so no Ukrainian terrorism could occur.

pdf-67 -- Dating back to 1926 when Vyacheslav Menzhinsky set up the “Administration of Special Tasks,” the Russian intelligence services have been carrying out "Wet Jobs."
- [Surprisingly, although Nance refers to Pavel Sudoplatov's book Special Tasks and the assassination of Trotsky, he does not refer to the assassination of Simon Petlura, Evhen Konovalets, Stepan Bandera and a host of other Ukrainians aspiring to establish an independent Ukraine. Neither does he refer to recent deaths in Ukraine often attributed to FSB operatives]

pdf-69 -- But Nemtsov went on further to point out that the real reason had more to do with the natural resources in the area: “It’s crucial for his clan to control metallurg in the east of Ukraine, as well as its military-industrial complex,” and that “Ukraine is rich in shale gas which would create real competition for the business of Putin’s Gazprom.”

pdf-76 -- RT was not just used to spread propaganda, but it shaped the perceptions of the viewing population in and around Ukraine at key times in the invasion.

pdf-81 -- This attack showed that Russia could take control of Ukraine’s biggest power plants and flip them off like a light switch..

pdf-100 -- Milos Zeman is the President of the Czech Republic. ... Zeman has justified the civil war in Ukraine and has denied that Russia has a military presence there.

pdf-116 -- Brexit was the opening of a Pandora’s box for the UK. US Former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, knew this and wrote an article in the Ukrainian paper Kyiv Post titled, “How Brexit is a win for Putin.”

pdf-124 -- Anti-Western activist Aleksandar Sindjelic was part of the plot [against Montenegro]. He had volunteered as a fighter in eastern Ukraine. He claims the two GRU officers approached him in Ukraine and suggested the plan.

pdf-142 -- Duke turned to Europe for acceptance -- as America increasingly rebuked racists. He found allies around Europe and was given a doctorate from a Ukrainian university, the Interregional Academy of Personal Management, reputed for its promotion of anti-Semitism.

pdf-150 -- British information warfare analyst Charles Blandy noted a Ukrainian study, The Fog of War: Russian Strategy of Deception and the Conflict in the Ukraine, ...
**** ****

1. Shots Fired  [pdf-9]
The GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) controlled the COZY BEAR hackers.
The FSB (State Security Directorate) controlled the FANCY BEAR hackers.

pdf-18 -- Trump's gambit relied on ignorance, hatred of fellow countrymen, and a silent belief by his voters that White Nationalism was a right. ... It signified that a large swath of the American public had abandoned core values such as freedom for all, inclusiveness through diversity, and the power of the American Dream for immigrants. The election of Trump was an open effort to move the United States away from a democracy that protected the rights of the minority, the literal definition of a republic, and toward a nation ruled by “a strong man” -- an autocracy.

2. Reporting to Moscow  [pdf-20]

pdf-21 -- Between 2010 to 2016 Russia would successfully craft a league of Fellow Travelers in the West including a whole new branch of Fifth Columnists in America.
- So what about the hapless American President? What category does he fit? It will be easily revealed that to Russia, Donald Trump started as a Useful Idiot, and then became an Unwitting Asset, but quickly became a Witting Asset once he realized that Russia was working in his best interest.

[To be continued as time and energy permit.]