Introduction to Demjanjuk2009 directory on MoZeus website

This directory and its two subdirectories contain documents from the 2001 denaturalization trial. This includes the full transcripts dated 29May2001 to 07Jun2001 in the transcripts2001 subdirectory. The contents of the trawniki1393 subdirectory are explained in its Introduction.

We have segregated these documents into these two subdirectories to facilitate serious researchers of the John Demjanjuk case to have easy access to this material. It is possible that further materials will be added in the future.

Many people have examined the Trawniki ID 1393 card and most of these researchers concluded that the card was, indeed, a fake. We have previously written on this issue. [1], [2], [3], [4]

It is our intention to analyze the material in this directory to further confirm our earlier conclusions.

Will Zuzak, 2001.02.25