Updated 2010.05.20
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Trawniki ID Cards:
The 4 cards of Bondarenko, Demjanjuk, Juchnowski and Wolembachow stem from the 1986-1988 Jerusalem trial. The 7 high-resolution colour jpg images are associated with the 2009 Munich trial. The medium-resolution B/W jpg image of the back (or inside) of the Bondarenko card stems from the Jerusalem trial. The two low-resolution color Trawniki2626 jpg images are from an external source.

The Munich Indictment and the Houwink to Schelvis pdf files stem from the 2009 Munich trial.

PDF files:
Most of the 51 pdf files in this list were compiled by the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the United States for the second denaturalization trial of John Demjanjuk May 29 to June 07, 2001. These are very low-resolution B/W images of poor quality photocopies of a large number of ID cards and translations thereof.

Two of the cards from Poland (#941) and Moller Printers (#1233) are completely different (plus an extra card in #2537). Although the other cards are similar, there are 4 variations which we have labelled as L1, L2, S and Ben as explained in trawnikiTypes.html . (We have adopted the notation of Lubomyr Prytulak at in this regard.)

- The four original cards from the Jerusalem trial are the L1 variation, which includes a curved letter "t" and an almost missing umlaut in the word "Schnürshuhe". We have tentatively put 21 of the cards into this category. Red asteriks in front of the * L1 indicate that all 3 required signatures are present.

- There are 10 cards with the L2 variation, which exhibits minor corrections, but still retains the curved letter "t".

- The S variation has a straight letter "t", a clearly visible umlaut in "Schnürshuhe", but a misspelled word "empfagen" rather than "empfangen". It also has completely different wording at the top of the first page of the card (which we label as "back" or "outside"). There are 17 cards with the S variation.

- The unique "Ben" variation has dropped the curved t's and appears to have made further corrections to the L2 type cards. Unfortunately, an image of the outside (pages 4 and 1) of the card is not available.

Z. Bazilevskaya was the MGB translator, whose signature and date of translation appears on many of the cards.

TrawnikiPDF.xls is a Microsoft Excel file summarizing the contents of the PDF files

Lubomyr Prytulak has identified four patterns of official seals (circular stamps) as A, B, C, D  that normally appear on page 1 (outside) and overlap the photograph on page 2 (inside) of the cards. We have reproduced the German wording of these official seals and have identified four other "rectangular" stamps that appear on these cards.

It is possible that there are many other such ID cards floating around in the world. Should anyone have access to such cards, we would be pleased to receive high-resolution coloured images of them as attachments to Emails sent to [email protected] .

Will Zuzak; 2010.02.19; 2010.04.03, 2010.05.20