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TVO | 02Feb2016 | Timothy Snyder  [09:55]

10 Questions on Ukraine

About this Video:
Two years ago, conflict gripped Ukraine from within and without, as domestic opposition deposed the president and Russia occupied Crimea. Timothy Snyder, professor of central European history at Yale University, provides The Agenda with new perspective on those events.
[Steve Paikin is the interviewer. Funded by CPA  http://www.cpaontario.ca/]

(1) Why have you become such a strong defender of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia?

(2) You have said the Ukrainian revolution has been misunderstood and betrayed. How so?

(3) Vladimir Putin claims that the Maydan revolution of 2013 was essentially a U.S. backed putsch against the legitimate rule of President Yanukovych. What do you say to that?

(4) The Russians also say that there were fascist organizations, such as Svoboda and Right Sector, that played a role in all this. Are they right about that?

(5) Is the Russian-speaking East and the Ukrainian-speaking West reflective of the political division between pro-Russian and pro-European policies in Ukraine?

(6) How would you characterize the current state of affairs between Russia and Ukraine?

(7) The corruption-perception index ranks Ukraine 142 out of a 175 countries in the world, Russia is not much better at 136. Why is it still so corrupt?

(8) Do you imagine in the next 25 years, let's say, that Ukraine will return to being a single unified state?

(9) Do you imagine that Crimea will be returned to Ukraine some day?

(10) This was a very big story for a very long time seizing much of the world's attention. It is not anymore. Do you feel increasingly alone in your support for Ukraine?