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AdaLuh | 29Nov2013 | Ruslana  [03:31, Ukr/English subtitles]

Ruslana -- We heard you #euromaidan #Євромайдан

[W.Z., 12Dec2013:  The EuroMaidan demonstrations in Kyiv, Ukraine started on 21Nov2013 following an announcement that President Viktor Yanukovych would not sign the Association Agreement with the European Union in Vilnius, Lithuania on 29Nov2013. Early Saturday morning at 04:10 hrs, 30Nov2013, the Berkut (Ukrainian riot police) attacked and viciously beat the demonstrators -- badly injuring many of them. This resulted in a massive rally of about half a million people on Sunday and about a million people the following Sunday, 08Dec2013. The situation has escalated dangerously with another failed attempt by Berkut forces to disperse Maidan demonstrators in the early morning of 11Dec2013. As this video indicates, rock-star Ruslana Lyzhychko has been very prominent  in the EuroMaidan. On the evening of 11/12Dec2013, she led an all-night rock concert vigil for the demonstrators to dissuade Berkut from attempting to dismantle the Maidan again.]

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Published on 29 Nov 2013
Ukraiina my z vamy!!

Video by: Adriana Luhovy

I do not own rights to the music or most of the videos.
Filmed video of Montreal demonstration only.

Скрябін - твоя земля

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