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Munich Security Conference | 07Feb2015 | Petro Poroshenko  [19:50]

Speech by President Poroshenko at Munich Security Conference on 07Feb2015

Петро Порошенко

Published on 7 Feb 2015

Our neighbor has breached international law and annexed a part of our territory.

Today, a formerly strategic partner is waging a hybrid war against a sovereign state, a co-founder of the United Nations.

Mounds of lies and propaganda have been heaped into a wall of hatred, erected between two once friendly nations.

The border routes, once used for transporting goods and exchange of visitors and friends, are now swarming with Russian tanks, armed personnel carriers, artillery, multiple-rocket-launchers and ammunition.

How many evidences does the world still need to recognize an obvious fact -- there is a foreign military equipment, mercenaries, Russian military coaches and regular troops.

This last year has become a spiraling tragedy for my nation.

I would like to stress that a non-military and diplomatic solution remains the only remedy to this situation. And I would like to reiterate that the Minsk Protocol and the Minsk Memorandum are still on the table.

We want to stop the bloodshed and are ready for an immediate -- but bilateral -- ceasefire, to be monitored and verified by the OSCE.

We urge the withdrawal of weaponry, the closing of the border, and the release of all hostages, including Nadia Savchenko.

Ukraine greatly needs defensive military support to ensure the ceasefire and contain the aggression.