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PLAST 100 year Anniversary | 18-25Aug2012 | Lviv, Ukraine [courtesy Lubomyr Markevych]

PLAST 100 year Anniversary

The first three links below archive 189 photographs of the 100 year anniversary celebrations of the Ukrainian scouting organization PLAST held 18-25Aug2012 in Lviv, Ukraine. The historical evolution of PLAST (in Ukrainian and English) is available at

The fourth item highlights Lubomyr Romankiw -- recently inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame along with the late Steve Jobs -- whose life history indicates that he was born in Ukraine 17Apr1931; a refugee in Germany after WW2; life-long association with PLAST; educated at the University of Alberta (1955 BSc(Eng)) and MIT (1962 PhD); headed IBM research on data storage of magnetic disk drives at the  "Center for Electrochemical Technology and Microfabrication" for many years.

(1) Plast 100 UMPZ Vidkryttia [33 photos, 18Aug2012]

(2) Plast 100 UMPZ zustrich [114 photos, 18-25Aug2012]

(3) Plast 100 Lychakivskiy tsvyntar [42 photos, 17Aug2012]

A day prior to the start of the Plast UMPZ a ceremony took place in Lviv's Lychakivskiy cemetery commemorating those Plast members who died for the cause of an independent Ukraine. A series of polished granite slabs carry the names of some 600 Plast members etched in gold. Most of them died in the service of various military formations including УСС, УГА, Дивізія Галичина and УПА, while others were civilians executed for their membership in ОУН. It was a solemn and dignified ceremony. Вічна їм память.

(4) Lubomyr Romankiw -- inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.