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Euromaidan | 21Feb2014 | Volodymyr Parasiuk [02:30, English subtitles]

Volodymyr Parasiuk demands Yanukovych leave 

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Published on 9 Mar 2014

Translation from Psyklax ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6cpyRwl-ZU )

[W.Z. Following the deaths of some 77 demonstrators by sniper fire on 18/20Feb2014 and the 21Feb2014 negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych by the "politicians", Volodymyr Parasiuk makes an impassioned speech condemning the negotiations and demanding that Yanukovych leave by 10:00 AM the next morning 22Feb2014. Yanukovych did, indeed, flee Kyiv on 22Feb2014.]

[Subtitle text]
[00:00 -- 00:40]
Guys, Glory to Ukraine!
Let me tell you:
We came heare as a sotnia (squadron). We are not in any organization,
we're ordinary people of Ukraine, we came to assert the law.
We're not from Right Sector, or Maidan Defense,
we're just a fighting sotnia.
I want to tell you that, we ordinary people ask our politicians,
standing behind me:
No way -- NO WAY,
will Yanukovych be president for a whole year!
By ten o'clock tomorrow, he must be out!
[00:41 -- 01:51]
The first demand. The first demand.
My colleague from Yavoriv was shot, leaving a wife and young child,
and our leaders shake the killer's hand! Shame!
One more!
Dear colleagues, countrymen, Ukrainians,
I honestly tell you, I swear, I'm with no organisation,
my sotnia is standing there, and we were in that building.
We got the turning point! We gave our politicians the chance
to become future ministers, presidents, and they don't want to fulfill one condition:
Get the convict out!  [Schob Zek pishov het!] (The convict, out!)
[01:52 -- 02:30]
Friends, I won't keep talking, I don't want to add to the stupid words we were
fed here for the last two months and a half.
I do not believe in these difficult processes, that they talk about.
77 people lost there lives, and they negotiate.
I beg you: back me up on this --
on behalf of my sotnia, where my father came --
Unless there is a statement by 10 o'clock tomorrow that Yanukovych will resign,
We're going on an armed assault!
I swear!
[02:30 = END]