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Espreso TV | 22Jan2014 | Yuriy Lutsenko  [11:41, Ukr, Eng. translation]

Lutsenko on Maidan 22 January 2014
Луценко на Майдані 22 січня 2014 року

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Published on 22 Jan 2014

[00:00 -- 01:01]
Friends, listen please to what I have to say. I will try to speak without emotions, because right now we very much need discipline, wisdom in the head and heart of everyone. All day yesterday, I was one of four representatives of Maidan in talks with Yanukovych that was not invited for consultations. Nevertheless, yesterday at 23:00 I was told that Yanukovych was ready for talks with the leaders of the opposition and was ready to give up Azarov, Zakharchenko and the cabinet. He was ready to cancel the Nuremberg, fascist laws that they had passed through the Verkhovna Zrada [Rada]. He was ready to amnesty and let out of prison all those that fought for Ukraine here and on Hrushevsky Street.
[01:02 -- 01:51]
Last night up to 3:00 am, as I was walking with my wife visiting all the posts from Hrushevsky to Besarabka, I was telling the people that this was the beginning of changes. I told the people that the only scenario that this would not happen today would be if the Kremlin pulled the strings of its marionette Yanukovych and impose a bloody scenario from which he could not turn back. Unfortunately, that is what happened. This evening, Ukraine has changed. Whereas earlier its laws were created by a criminal group led by mega-corruptioner Yanukovych, then today its leader is a person on whose hands are the deaths of Ukrainian citizens.
[01:52 -- 03:51]
Today, any negotiations on changes in government or laws is insufficient for Ukraine. Today, Ukraine is fighting to remain an [independent] country and Ukrainians are fighting to remain Ukrainians. Today, I want to tell you a very revealing thing -- very revealing -- that the bandits called titushki (who massively arrest our boys on the Maidan) possess Ukrainian passports in USSR covers. It is very revealing that a Berkut sniper has a Facebook page where he displays the USSR emblem. This means -- a very important thing -- we do not have a civil war and will not have one. But we have a war between the past from the Kremlin and the fifth column that supports the Sovoks and those who want to live in a new European country. Today our bloody criminal Soviet past is holding us physically by the legs and arms -- not letting us go towards a better life. Therefore, the situation in the country is radically different. This is a war to liberate Ukraine from the bloody Soviet Union and the fifth column that has occupied the administration of the President. I very much want that this war be bloodless. But when Europeans ask me why we have resorted to violent actions, I answer: Yanukovych is deaf.  .... He has not heard the demands of millions of people for 60 days. And that is why the people participating in the "Viche" went to Hrushevsky Street on Sunday. These people acted -- at the cost of their health and now at the cost of their life -- such that the regime became frightened and started to talk.
[03:52 -- 04:40]
We had no other choice, honoured Europeans and honoured Ukrainian citizens who talk about the peaceful character of demonstrations. Where in the world is there a President who does not hear for 60 days millions of his people. And the only response to our demonstrations was individual terror, burning of cars, occupation of offices. Therefore, the people who are on Hrushevsky sacrificed themselves -- that is a Ukrainian tradition -- the tradition of UPA -- to place oneself in the earth such that later would sprout the stairs of freedom. That is what also happened this time. And that is how it will be until we decolonize our country from our bandits and Kremlin puppeteers.
[04:41 -- 05:29]
What should we do? I was not here last Sunday on this stage because I demanded a radical plan of action. Unfortunately, at that time, the opposition had still not realized in what country Yanukovych wanted to place us. I have often said that I walked out of a little prison into a large one. And in reality, after the passage of the laws of 16 January 2014, we are now all in prison -- all of us. Unfortunately, the opposition did not know this on Sunday. Today, they know it. The only fault of the opposition is that until yesterday they walked according to the scenario of the Kremlin and the Bankova bandits and did not formulate their own scenario for a peaceful transformation of the country.
[05:30 -- 06:33]
What do we do? First, today -- immediately -- all deputies of the opposition must declare themselves as the Narodna Rada [National Parliament] of Ukraine -- a temporary parliament of our country. All deputies -- all deputies of other factions have the right to sign our demands and remain National Ukrainian deputies. The rest of the deputies, who serve -- from fear or conviction or from idioticy -- the bloody infection, must be declared in violation of the law. The Party of Regions and the Communist Party must be declared in violation of the constitution and in violation of the law. Appointed persons [bureaucrats?] in Parliament and the country, who enacted the fascist-like laws must be declared in violation of the constitution and in violation of the law.
[06:34 -- 07:03]
Second. The Narodna Rada must form a temporary action committee led by Vitali Klychko as the highest rated leader of the opposition with the goal to control the situation in parliament and on the streets. His seconds-in-command must not be those who think what to say next, but those who think about how to overcome
[07:04 -- 08:12]
Third. Today, we must decide that the only item of discussion with Yanukovych -- in whose hands is not just the stolen hat or even the stolen golden sceptre, but the blood of our citizens -- the only item of discussion with the dictator is one thing -- termination of his position as President. All other decisions -- amnesty, release of imprisoned demonstrators, cancellation of the fascist legislation are necessary but are not sufficient. Resignation of Yanukovych is the main and only issue of negotiations with him there on Bankova Street. And here it is important that at the negotiations taking place now -- let them hear us: Zeka het' [ Zeka het' ... Zeka het'     Zeka het']
[08:13 -- 09:02]
Honoured friends. Honoured friends. I now appeal to all Ukrainians -- to all who are at institutes, in offices, at work, in the fields -- all who find themselves in all corners of our great Ukraine. Only a massive mobilization here in the centre of our capital can stop further shedding of blood by the fascist-in-fact formations of the ruling bandits. Everybody on Maidan! [Vsi na Maidan ... Vsi na Maidan ... Vsi na Maidan]
[09:03 -- 10:46]
The time of procrastination -- the time of watching cartoons on television -- the time of the computer mouse -- has ended. Men -- kiss your children and wives. Your place is on Maidan, if you are Ukrainian men. Students -- I know that you have sessions -- forget them! These exams are not necessary. Today, the important knowledge is found here on Maidan. Everyone on Maidan! Business men -- if you don't want to continue paying tribute to Yanukovych. All on Maidan! Because here is the revolution of the middle class. Women -- I know that this is not women's work -- but women always civilized Ukraine -- we are waiting for you, because you always inspire us men. Because we feel that we are necessary to you and the country. Come! Support Maidan. And most important -- all Ukrainians -- from Sevastopol to Uzhhorod -- from Sum to
Vinnytsia -- this is where your fate and that of your children is being decided. Either we will be the prisoners of the Pakhan and the Kremlin or we will finally be free Ukrainians in a free Europe. All Ukrainians on Maidan! Because "our souls and bodies we will lay down for our freedom" [dushu i tilo my polozhem za nashu svobodu] -- enough singing -- time to do it!
[10:47 -- 10:47]
Revolution! Revolution! [Revolution! ... Revolution! ... Revolution!] And finally ... and finally. After our victory, we will change the constitution and in article 5, where today it is written thet the people [narod] is the only source of power, that no one has the right to usurp power, we will add the right of the people to uprise if their constitutional rights are being taken away. We believe that we are on our own land  -- we are on our own constitution -- we are on our truth-- we are free citizens -- of a free Ukraine. Glory to all of you! Glory to Ukraine! [To the heroes glory!]