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UCC CMHR Part 2 | 07Apr2013 | Paul Grod  [20:19]

Overview of the Ukrainian human rights stories

Community Townhall Meeting -- Winnipeg, MB -- April 07, 2013
Paul Grod, President of Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Taras Zalusky, Executive Director

Published on 22 Apr 2013
UCC National President Paul Grod addresses issues regarding the CMHR at town hall meeting in Winnipeg on April 7, 2013.

[00:09 -- 20:19] Mr. Grod quotes Ms. Maria Firman(?) statement re Holodomor.
Dr. David Marples quote re long term effects of Holodomor.
Historical background of CMHR -- 10 main galleries envisioned.
Ukrainian Human Rights Stories should include:
- WWI Internment Operations (1914-20)
- Holodomor (1932-33)
- Soviet and Nazis oppression and persecution

Discusses initial meetings with Israel Asper and the Asper Foundation, followed by later developments.
Legislation enacted, Board of Trustees, Content Advisory Committee report (no mention of the crimes of Communism), 2012 Galleries Profile, 08Feb2013 tour of facilities.
No story niche for Internment.
Holodomor mentioned in Lemkin display and in 5-genocides display (only 4 of 180 minutes dedicated to Holodomor). Food continues to be used as weapon today.
Not one mention of crimes of Communism.

Call to action.