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Whisper Roar | 10Feb2014 | Euromaidan appeal [02:04, English]

I am a Ukrainian

[W.Z. This is a very powerful short video that should be distributed around the world. Hopefully, similar videos in the various languages of the world will also be made and distributed.]

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Published on 10 Feb 2014

[00:00 -- 00:42]
I am a Ukrainian -- a native of Kyiv -- and now I am on Maidan on the central part of my city. I want you to know why thousands of people all over my country are on the streets. There is only one reason. We want to be free from a dictatorship. We want to be free from the politicians who work only for themselves. Who are ready to shoot, to beat, to injure people just for saving their money, just for saving their houses, just to saving their power.
[00:43 -- 01:22]
I want these people who are here to have dignity -- who are brave. I want them to live a normal life. We are a civilized people, but our government are at variance. That's not a Soviet Union. We want our courts not to be corrupted. We want to be free. I know that maybe tomorrow, we will have no warmth, no Internet connection and we will be alone here. And maybe those men will murder us one after another, when it will be dark here.
[01:23 -- 01:52]
That's why I ask you now to help us. We have this freedom inside our hearts. We have this freedom in our minds. And now I ask you to give this freedom in our country. You can help us only by telling this story to your friends -- only by sharing this video. Please share it. Speak to your friends. Speak to your family. Speak to your government and show that you support us.
[01:53 -- 02:04]
[Please contact your representatives and demand they support the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and democracy. Before its too late.]
[This video was made in early February 2014. Hopefully, thanks to you and the strong people of Ukraine, things will get better.]