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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., April 04, 2018

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(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor2013/holodomor2013.html -- No additions this month.
(2) Ukrainophobia/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html -- No additions this month.

(3) Will Zuzak Letters:
Turkey  To David Kilgour, 24Mar2018; Will Zuzak

- In response to a link provided by David Kilgour concerning the massive human rights violations being perpetrated in Turkey, I have added two more critical issues: (1) the Russian annexation of Crimea, and (2) Kurdish desire for autonomy in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran..

(4) Oksana Bashuk Hepburn:   http://willzuzak.ca/tp/hepburn/hepburn.html
America -- Putin’s oligarchy in the making? Kyiv Post, 21Mar2018; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn

- Oksana Bashuk Hepburn describes how Vladimir Putin has been orchestrating a transition of the United States of America from a democratic Republic with checks and balances into a totalitarian Mafia state similar to his own Russian Federation.
- As an example, she describes the situation in Ukraine.

(5) Miscellaneous:  http://willzuzak.ca/cl/miscellaneous/miscellaneous.html
Where, exactly, is the surprise about Russia? Defence Report, 26Mar2018; Victor Rud
Russia’s Covert Campaign to Inflame East Europe Daily Beast, 02Mar2018; Oskar Gorzynski

- Oskar Gorzynski outlines how Moscow-based entities (FSB, Azarov's so-called Ukraine Salvation Committee, etc.) are perpetrating anti-Polish, anti-Hungarian acts of vandalism within Ukraine to foment anti-Ukrainian feelings within these countries.
- Victor Rud continues to excoriate Western politicians and academics for being willing dupes to Putin's "hybrid war" against the West.

(6) Corruption: http://willzuzak.ca/cl/corruption/corruption.html
Secret Empires Harper Collins, 01Mar2018; Peter Schweizer
Russian Roulette Hachette Books, 01Mar2018; Michael Isikoff and David Corn
Ukraine Government Has Frozen Its Manafort Investigations  Daily Beast, 13Mar2018; Anna Nemtsova
A new report contains bombshell details about Christopher Steele Business Insider, 05Mar2018; Michal Kranz
Christopher Steele, the Man Behind the Trump Dossier New Yorker, 12Mar2018; Jane Mayer

- Jane Mayer has written a long article (audio file available) about Christopher Steele and the background to his famous "Dossier".
- Michal Kranz summarizes the main points revealed in Mayer's article.
- Anna Nemtsova suggests that Ukrainian politicians are very sensitive to the Paul Manafort investigations by Robeert Mueller and do not want to antagonize the Donald Trump regime. [Neither do they want to reveal their own complicity with Mr. Manafort's criminal activities.]
- Russian Roulette provides an excellent backdrop and human context  to the events being investigated by Robert S. Mueller.
- Peter Schweizer accuses John Kerry, Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell of using their political positions to enrich their families. Particularly relevant to Ukraine, is his Chapter 4: Bidens in Ukraine.

In addition, several more pdf files have been added to the Corruption directory and the Mueller subdirectory.

(7) Ukrainian Week:  http://ukrainianweek.com/ -- Click on "Eng" for English-language version
No. 3 (121) 7-14Mar2018
http://ukrainianweek.com/Politics/211266 -- Three cards up the sleeve -- 23Mar2018, Yuriy Lapayev

(8) Unian News:
https://www.unian.info/ -- Daily English-language news from Ukraine.

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Respectfully submitted,
Will Zuzak, 2018.04.04
In the eyes of God, the soul of your enemy is as important as your own soul