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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., November 01, 2017

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(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor2013/holodomor2013.html 
Stalinist Crimes in Ukraine That Resonate Today New York Times, 18Oct2017; Adam Hochschild
How Stalin Hid Ukraine's Famine From the World The Atlantic, 13Oct2017; Anne Applebaum
Why the Holodomor is genocide under UN convention Euromaidan Press, 04Oct2017; James Oliver

- James Oliver reviews the information in the book of Anne Applebaum titled Red Famine and concludes that can be classified as genocide even under the UN convention definition.
- Anne Applebaum compares the reporting on the Holodomor in 1932-33 by Walter Duranty with that of Gareth Jones and chastises the press corps based in Moscow for not supporting Jones when they were fully aware of the terrible famine raging throughout Ukraine, which Duranty was covering up.
- Adam Hochschild gives a very nice review of Anne Applebaum's book Red Famine and refers the reader to 2 other relevant books by Ms. Applebaum.

(2) Ukrainophobia/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html -- No additions this month.
(3) Videolinks: http://willzuzak.ca/cl/videolinks/videolinks.html
Background to Canada's Magnitsky Act CBC National, 25Oct2017; Terrance McKenna [22:17]

- Terrance McKenna provides the background to the deaths of Sergei Magnitsky and Alexander Perepilichniy, which led to the passage of Canada's version of the Magnitsky Act.

(4) Book Reviews:  http://willzuzak.ca/cl/bookreview/bookreview.html
Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine Penguin Books, 2017; Anne Applebaum

- Clickable links to the various chapters in a 362-page pdf file of Anne Applebaum's book Red Famine, as well as a bookreview in excerpt format, have been provided.

(5) Miscellaneous:  http://willzuzak.ca/cl/miscellaneous/miscellaneous.html
Canada Adopts Version of Magnitsky Law, Shuns Global Outlaws World Affairs, 20Oct2017; Vladimir Kara-Murza
Schooled in Scandal: What Makes Ukraine a Hotbed of Intrigue New York Times, 07Oct2017; Andrew Higgins
Russia and the West: Handling the clash of worldviews ECFR, 04Oct2017; Vygaudus Usackas
How to finish the revolution in Ukraine Kyiv Post, 02Oct2017; Olena Sotnyk, [2] Brian Bonner

- Olena Sotnyk (with Brian Bonner's support) continues to lobby for the establishment of an independent anticorruption court, which is opposed by many of the Oligarchs in power.
- Vygaudus Usackas, former EU Ambassador to the Russian Federation, recommends a firm, realistic approach to allow the development of positive relations with Russia.
- Andrew Higgins highlights judicial corruption in Ukraine as a judge releases a cybercriminal in Poltava.
- Vladimir Kara-Murza applauds Canada for passing its version of the Magnitsky Act.

(6) Ukrainian Week:  http://ukrainianweek.com/ -- Click on "Eng" for English-language version
http://i.tyzhden.ua/content/photoalbum/2017/10_2017/18/uw/Book10.pdf -- No. 10 (114) 11-18Oct2017
http://ukrainianweek.com/Politics/202268 -- A difficult return -- 20Oct2017, Maksym Vikhrov

(7) Unian News:
https://www.unian.info/ -- Daily English-language news from Ukraine.

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Will Zuzak, 2017.11.01
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