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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., October 04, 2017

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(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor2013/holodomor2013.html 
Ukrainian Genocide 1932-1933 ISBN 978-966-2911-87-9, 27Sep2017; Volodymyr Serhiychuk

- For over 75 years, Ukrainian scholars of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 fixed the death toll in the range of 7 to 10 million until about 2008, when "modern" Ukrainian scholars asked that the Ukrainian Diaspora lower this figure to the 3.5 to 5.0 million range based on new "demographic" studies. Volodymyr Serhiychuk questions the validity of these new studies.

(2) Ukrainophobia/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html -- No additions this month.
(3) Videolinks: http://willzuzak.ca/cl/videolinks/videolinks.html
Statement by the President of Ukraine at the UN  United Nations, 20Sep2017; Petro Poroshenko [22:15],  [2] Peacekeeping, [3] Ukr.

- President Petro Poroshenko makes an impassioned address to the UN General Assembly concerning Rusasian aggression against Ukraine and asks that a UN-sponsored peacekeeping mission be sent into the Russian-occupied area of the Donbas so as to re-establish Ukrainian sovereignty over the area. Video links and the text of both speeches are available in English, as well as in Ukrainian.

(4) Perfidy:  http://willzuzak.ca/cl/perfidy/perfidy.html
Germany's Declaration of War Against the United States  IHR, 11Dec1941; Adolf Hitler, [2] RAINBOW-5

- An English-language text of Hitler's address to the German Reichstag declaring war on the United States on 11Dec1941 is given -- together with my summary and comments.
- Hitler specifically refers to Roosevelt's plan (code named RAINBOW-5) to attack Germany.

(5) Miscellaneous:  http://willzuzak.ca/cl/miscellaneous/miscellaneous.html
Arms-Washing: Ukraine Network Moves Embargoed European Arms  OCCRP, 25Sep2017; Graham Stack
Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia‚Äôs criminal networks in Europe  ECFR, 18Apr2017; Mark Galeotti
Putin's Ukraine Peace Offer Is a Trojan Horse Bloomberg View, 07Sep2017; Editors, [2] W.Z.

-In response to the Bloomberg View article, I propose that "Peacemakers not Peacekeepers are required in Ukraine's Donbas", such that fully armed military units from Germany, France and other European countries would monitor the Ukraine-Russia border, the contact line between Ukrainian and Russian-backed forces and the territory in between.

- Mark Galeotti introduces the acronym RBOC (Russian-based organised crime) to describe how the Kremlin uses these world-wide criminal networks on behalf of the Putin regime against democratic and democracy-aspiring countries in Europe and around the world.

OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) reporters have investigated many corruption schemes around the world. In this article, they appear to have uncovered an extensive weapons laundering scheme in Ukraine's military export institution, Ukrinmash.

(6) Ukrainian Week:  http://ukrainianweek.com/ -- Click on "Eng" for English-language version
http://i.tyzhden.ua/content/photoalbum/2017/09_2017/11/uw/%D0%9A%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B3%D0%B09.pdf -- No. 9 (113) 4-11Sep2017
http://ukrainianweek.com/Society/200105 -- Non-existant Islamism --03Oct2017, Author(?)

(7) Unian News:
https://www.unian.info/ -- Daily English-language news from Ukraine.

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Will Zuzak, 2017.10.04
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