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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., January 04, 2017

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(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor2013/holodomor2013.html -- No additions this month.
(2) Ukrainophobia/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html -- No additions this month.
(3) Religious Affairs:
 http://willzuzak.ca/cl/religious/religious.html -- No additions this month.
(4) Video Links:
The 2 Largest Land Armies in Europe National Interest, 11Dec2016; Nolan Peterson

- Nolan Peterson analyses the evolution of Ukraine's army and the ability of this army and Ukrainian society to withstand Russian aggression.

(5) Perfidy: http://willzuzak.ca/cl/perfidy/perfidy.html
Japanese Prime Minister Abe Will Not Apologize at Pearl Harbor VOA News | 06Dec2016 | Steve Herman, [2] Buchanan 2011, [3] Margolis 2012, [4] Morgenstern

- Earlier articles by Patrick Buchanan and Eric Margolis document the perfidy of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in deliberately provoking the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor to create an excuse for the United States to enter the war against Germany.

(6) Putin Files:  http://www.willzuzak.ca/cl/putin/putin.html
Summer 2014 -- Russian Artillery Strikes against Ukraine Bellingcat, 21Dec2016; Sean Case
Is Yalta II possible under President Trump? Kyiv Post, 20Dec2016; George Woloshyn

- George Woloshyn laments that despite Ukraine's consistent support for American and European democratic values, a Donald Trump presidency threatens to sell out Ukraine to appease Putin.
- Sean Case of Bellingcat documents the thousands of Russian artillery strikes launched from Russian territory against Ukraine during the summer of 2014.

(7) Miscellaneous:  http://willzuzak.ca/cl/miscellaneous/miscellaneous.html
A kleptocratic coalition of clans has captured the Ukrainian state Kyiv Post, 29Dec2016; Taras Kuzio
Tiny Estonia Takes Tall Stand Against Russian Rights Abusers World Affairs, 16Dec2016; Vladimir Kara-Murza

- Vladimir Kara-Murza reports that Estonia is the first European country to pass a U.S.-style Magnitsky Law to deny visas to human rights violators.
- Taras Kuzio accurately describes Ukraine's oligarchs as "kleptocratic clans", who are deliberately conspiring to prevent anti-corruption reforms. Excerpts from J.V. Koshiw's book "Abuse of Power"  documents their connection to organized crime and the criminal underworld.

(8) Ukrainian Week:  http://www.ukrainianweek.com/
http://i.tyzhden.ua/content/photoalbum/2016/12_2016/22/uw/book12.pdf -- No. 12 (104) 15-22Dec2016
http://ukrainianweek.com/Politics/181560 -- Putin in the Hague: The MH17 case  22Dec2016, Zhanna Bezpiatchuk

(9) Ukraine Today Live:

(10) Will Zuzak analysis for 2017:
In 2016, many of us have watched in disbelief and horror at the political developments in Ukraine (revanchism of Oligarchic corruption), the Middle East (the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis overwhelming Turkey and Europe), Europe (Brexit and the rise of extremist political parties) and the United States (the election of Donald Trump). The deterioration of the American political process appears to have accelerated since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, followed by the blossoming of organized crime and corruption in the post-Soviet space and its emigration to the United States. It culminated with the 2016 presidential election campaign orchestrated and manipulated by the political elites of the Democratic and Republican parties. The American voter was given a choice between a covert corrupt-criminal regime headed by Hillary Clinton and an overt criminal-corrupt regime headed by Donald Trump. Will this Presidential election usher in an "era of epic corruption and contempt for the rule of law" culminating in the transformation of the United States into a "Trumpistan"? Or will American patriots, democratic institutions and the checks and balances represented by the Senate and Congress prevent this occurrence and, perhaps, reverse recent trends?

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Respectfully submitted,
Will Zuzak, 2017.01.04
In the eyes of God, the soul of your enemy is as important as your own soul