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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., April 06, 2016

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Former Soviet political prisoners call on Holland to say yes to Ukraine’s European future KHRPG, 14Mar2016; Halya Coynash, [2] Appeal

- Halya Coynash  discusses the 06Apr2016 Dutch referendum on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.
- Attached thereto is an Appeal of 82 former Soviet political prisoners asking Dutch citizens to vote "No" in this referndum.

(6) Oksana Bashuk Hepburn:  http://willzuzak.ca/tp/hepburn/hepburn.html
Free Savchenko Now Kyiv Post, 20Mar2016; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
Freedom for Nadiya Savchenko  CG4DU, 16Mar2016; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn, [2] Press Release, [3] 02Mar2016 Statement

- On behalf of the Canadian Group for Democratic Ukraine, Ms. Bashuk Hepburn calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to intervene with President Vladimir Putin to have Nadiya Savchenko released.
- Appended are a press release and Nadiya Savchenko's 02Mar2016 statement titled "You have no right to try me!"
- In the 20Mar2016 Kyiv Post article, Ms. Bashuk Hepburn continues her campaign to have Ms. Savchenko released.

Ambassador Darchiev represents murderous criminal regime CG4DU, 21Feb2016; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn [video 01:45]
Establish Canada Ukraine Think Tank in Ottawa CG4DU, 21Feb2016; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn [video 03:12]
Send lethal weapons to Ukraine as part of a larger package CG4DU, 21Feb2016; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn [video 01:59]

- In these 3 short videos, Ms. Bashuk Hepburn expounds on her views on various issues concerning Ukraine.

NOTE: Due to extenuating circumstances, I simply forgot to send out this GRC Report to my various distribution lists. Nevertheless, it is archived belatedly on my website.

Respectfully submitted,
Will Zuzak, 2016.04.06
In the eyes of God, the soul of your enemy is as important as your own soul