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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Feb. 07, 2007

(1) Canadian Citizenship: In a news release dated 24Jan2007, Andrew Telegdi announced a “campaign to stop the unjust stripping of Canadians' citizenship due to discriminatory citizenship legislation”.
Canadians are urged to visit his website at http://www.telegdi.org/ to send a letter and/or a petition to the Prime Minister of Canada on the issue. The recent passport boondoggle indicates that the citizenship of hundreds of thousands of Canadians is at risk. 

(2) Denaturalization and Deportation: Two articles by Gloria Galloway in the Toronto Globe and Mail dated 26 and 30Jan2007 indicate that Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress has inveigled the Armenian, Rwanda and Roma (Gypsy) communities to support his call for the deportation of six so-called Nazi war criminals. These are archived at the Furman/Skomatchuk link of my website at
Of some 103 comments to these articles posted by the Globe and Mail, that of Michael Kulyk best sums up the issue. 

The 30Jan2007 issue of e-Poshta contains a blistering commentary on the issue by Paulette MacQuarrie to the Ukrainian community. She suggests as to what should be done and elaborates further on her delightful blog at http://nashholos.blogspot.com/ . Marsha Skrypuch wrote letters to Babikian Aris of the Armenian National Committee of Canada and to the Globe and Mail. They do not appear to be archived on her blog or website at http://www.calla.com/ .

(3) Yulia Tymoshenko: On 12Jan2007, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine overrode President Viktor Yushchenko's veto on the law on the "Cabinet of Ministers". The vote was 366 - 0; Party of Regions (185), BYUT (121), Socialists (31), Communists (21), Independents (8); Nasha Ukraina (walked out). Thus Yanukovich will have full control of appointment of all ministers, including Defence and Foreign Affairs.
Yushchenko becomes a figurehead, unless his appeal to the Constitutional Court is upheld.
On Saturday, 13Jan2007 Yulia Tymoshenko left with a 30-person retinue for a 4 day visit to Israel, where she visited a Greek Orthodox church in Jerusalem, Tveria in Jordan, Bethlehem, Yad Vashem and met with Speaker Dahlia Itzyk, Simon Perez, Bilamin ben Eliezer, Benjamin Netanyahu and Anotoli Shcharansky. She appears to have attained a promise from the Israeli Knesset to recognize the Holodomor as genocide.

In her Inform Newsletter of 22Jan2007, Yulia Tymoshenko authors an article titled “Moscow’s Mideast Myopia”, which appears to approve of the economic sanctions imposed on Iran and implicitly provides moral support to the warmongers in the United States and Israel, who are demanding military (and, perhaps, even nuclear) attacks upon Iran. My critique is archived at

The war mongering against Iran is increasing in intensity. With Canadian troops, tanks and military equipment in Afghanistan and Canadian navy corvettes protecting American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, Canada appears to be well positioned to participate in the slaughter. 

(4) Conference on “Holocaust in Ukraine”: According to AUR#811 of 04Feb2007 such a conference is being organized by various Holocaust organizations for Paris, France on 01-03Oct2007.

(5) Holodomor: In AUR#805 of 15Jan2007, editor Morgan Williams notes that in several articles referring to various genocides throughout the world the Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-33 is never mentioned. AUR#811 refers to the ongoing controversy as to whether the Holdomor constitutes a genocide. This is reflected in Wikepedia at

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2007-02-07