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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Dec. 07, 2005

(1) Morgan provocation:  A critique of the article “Don't make it harder to kick out war criminals” by Ed Morgan of the Canadian Jewish Congress (Ottawa Citizen, 31Oct2005), in which he pleads that the “on a balance of probabilities” criteria be retained in the discredited denaturalization and deportation process, has been posted on my website via the Josef Furman link, or specifically at

Marco Levytsky has also written an excellent editorial on this article archived via the Ukrainian News link, or specifically at

(2)  630 CHED AM Radio Edmonton: At 11:40 a.m., Mon., Nov. 07, 2005, Rob Breckenridge (substituting on the Dave Rutherford Show) did a telephone interview with David Matas (B’nai Brith Canada) in which Mr. Matas continued promoting the deportation of Nazi war criminals via the d&d process. There were no opposing views presented by representatives or lawyers for the d&d victims (such as Eric Hafemann) nor by representatives of the CIMM committee (such as Andrew Telegdi), who recommend drastic changes to the present d&d process.

In the past, CHED provided similar biased forums for Steven Rambam (Leslie Primeau Show) and for Ed Morgan of the Canadian Jewish Congress (11:10 a.m., Jun. 28, 2005). It is disturbing that 630 CHED (and especially Rob Breckenridge) is ignoring its responsibility in providing balanced coverage on such critical issues. 

(3) Globe and Mail apology: Responding to a complaint by Myroslaw Prytulak before the Ontario Press Council, the Globe and Mail has finally conceded that referring to the people of the former Soviet Union simply as Russians is an inaccuracy, when speaking of 27 million Russian deaths during WWII. However, the apology omitted the following specific data: “Prytulak maintained that Russia’s losses were 5.8 million, including 1.8 million military and 4.0 million civilians, and that, by way of comparison, Ukraine’s losses were 8.0 million including 2.5 million military and 5.5 million civilians.”

(4) Persona non grata:  An article in the Nov. 23 - Dec. 13, 2005 issue of the Ukrainian News indicates that Canada rejected a visa application by Ukrainian oligarch Vadym Rabinovych, who was scheduled to attend a business luncheon sponsored by the Jewish National Fund in Edmonton on Nov. 17, 2005. Mr. Rabinovych is alleged to be associated with organized crime and illegal arms trafficking.

(5) UKAR: http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/index.html/
The CHRT (Canadian Human Rights Tribunal) arranged a telephone conference for 10Nov2005 for the sole purpose of discussing the venue for mediation of the CJC vs UKAR complaint. In a letter to J. Grant Sinclair (CHRT Chair) dated 16Nov2005, Lubomyr Prytulak complains that he was “bushwacked” -- Mark Freiman (CJC counsel) opened with abuse, the CHRT dropped mediation and immediately launched into case management, despite Dr. Prytulak’s protests and refusal to submit to CHRT jurisdiction.

In a second letter to Mr. Sinclair dated 19Nov2005, Dr. Prytulak outlines the malfeasance of the CHRC in handling the CJC vs UKAR complaint. A third letter dated 05Dec2005 to Giacomo Vigna (CHRC counsel) asks for clarification of the “Disclosure Package” of CHRC submissions. These are all archived at

Should the CHRT decide to proceed with the case, I would urge the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to seek intervenor status to protect Ukrainian Canadian interests.

(6) John Demjanjuk: Articles in the 29Nov2005 issues of the Boston Herald, USA Today and the RFE/RL website (in Ukrainian) indicate that the OSI prosecution is urging Judge Michael Creppy to deport John Demjanjuk to Ukraine. These are archived on the Lily website at

(7) Federal Election, Jan. 23, 2006: The editorial in the Nov. 23 - Dec. 13, 2005 issue of the Ukrainian News lists several issues of concern to the Ukrainian community

(It was written prior to the “parachuting” fiasco of Michael Ignatieff into the Etobicoke-Lakeshore electoral district in Toronto to replace Jean Augustine at the expense of a couple of potential Ukrainian-origin candidates.)

In addition to the d&d issue, which has been of particular concern to me for so many years, there is the general issue of abuse of power and lack of accountability of our political representatives and bureaucrats. There is too much secrecy and a lack of checks and balances in our society. The Access to Information Act is backwards. It allows our politicians and bureaucrats -- presumably employees and servants of Canadian citizens -- to classify virtually anything they desire. We must then fill out forms, pay fees and wait years to obtain information, which should be freely available to everybody and posted on the Internet in the first place. To have material classified for a specified period of time, a politician or bureaucrat should be required to file an application before a judge and this application should be reviewed annually.

As for the d&d issue, I would ask Canadian voters to repeatedly demand of all candidates to support the recommendations outlined in Reports 10 and 12 (pdf files) of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration as archived via the CIMM 2005 link on my website

The Ukrainian community in Canada had to wait 91 years to obtain an acknowledgement -- not an apology -- of the unjust internment of their forefathers and mothers during WWI. How long will we have to wait for an apology and just compensation for the victims -- not just an acknowledgement -- of the Deschenes Commission witch hunt of 1985 and the d&d process devastating our community since 1995?

Respectfully yours
Will Zuzak, 2005-12-07