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CIA | 01Oct1946 | Declassified 2001/09/03


[... 96-page pdf ...]

Table of Contents

I.    General Background ...1

II.    Historical Development ...2

    1. The Hetmanci (Skoropadski-Group) ...3
    2. The Petlurians ...6
        a. The Petlurians vs. the Western (Galician) Ukrainian Nationalists ...6
        b. The Petlura-Polish Alliance ...7
        c. The Petlurians and Prometheus ...8

    3. UNDO ...10
        a. UNDO, the Petlurians and the Germans ...11

    4. Revolutionary Socialists and other Groupings of
        Ukrainian Nationalists in Czechoslovakia ...12

    5. UWO and OUN: The Activists ...13
        a. UWO ...14
        b. OUN ...14
        c. OUN activities in Poland (until ca. 1934) ...15
        d. The Murder of Konovalec; OUN under Col. Melnyk ...16
        e. OUN-German relations since 1939 ...17
            1. The Carpatho-Ukrainian Affair (1938-39) ...18
            2. The Bandera-Melnyk Split (1941); German Counter-measures ...18
            3. Effects of the Split; Ukrainian Resistance ...20
                (a) UNS ...21
                (b) UNAKOR ...22
                (c) UPA ...22
        f.    Renewed Collaboration since 1943-44 ...23
            1. Ukrainian National Committee ...24
            2. Ukrainian National Council (Rada) ...24
            3. UHWR: Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation ...25

III.    Current Status ...27
    1. UPA-UHWR ...27

    2. ABN (Anti-Bolshevist Bloc of Nations), sometimes referred to
        as ABP (Anti-Bolshevist Bloc of Peoples) ...29

    3. OUN (Germany) ...30

    4. Hetmanci-Skoropadski Faction (Germany) ...31

    5. UNDO-Petlurians (Germany) ...33   [pages 32 to 35 missing]

    6. Other Groups ...35    [pages 32 to 35 missing]

Appendix A
    The Ukrainain Church and Its Relations with
    the Germans; Mystyslaw ...1-9

Appendiix B
    German Agencies Concerned with "Ostpolitik";
    Policies; Controls of Ukrainian Nationalists ...1-4

Appendix C
    Preliminary List of Personalities Connected
    with the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement ...1-28

Appendix D
    Nationalist Ukrainian Organizations in the U.S.
    Canada and latin-America ...1-5

Pdf pages 81-85 are repeat of Appendix D.

Pdf pages 86-87 consist of a 2-page letter designated as "S-Memorandum #7, 15 October 1946, Intellgence Brief No, 13"
with a hand-written title "Operational Approaches to USSR Western European Area" approved by {signature} Colonel W. W. Quinn.
The letter calls for further assessment of the various "Ukrainian Nationalist Organizations" with the view of utilizing them for intelligence purposes.

Pdf pages 88-96 is a list of "Follow-up Questions".
This list calls for a more detailed "Historical Background" and detailed check of "Organizations" -- "General Targets" and "Specific Targets" which include
Hetmanci-Skoropadski Faction, OUN-Melnyk Faction, OUN-UHWR (Bandera?) Faction, ABN (Anti-Bolshevist Bloc of Nations), UHWR, UPA,
Andre Lewickij-Vasyl Mudryj Government-in-Exile, Ukrainian Church, DP Camps, Ukrainian Institutions, Miscellaneous, Individuals.

Pdf page-4 excerpt:


The following deals with several groups and organizations which, although not homogeneous, together comprise what may be called the Ukrainian Nationalist [Independence] Movement. Whether these groups operate in the homeland or in exile in Europe and the Western hemisphere; whether they are of socialist, democratic, monarchist or fascist persuasion; whether they agree on methods, policies and tactics, or whether they are engaged in internecine, factional struggles, they all stand for an independent Ukrainian state. With astonishing tenacity these groups have clung to their national ideal for the past half century. All of them have survived the Second World War, none of them have given up either their hopes, machinations and intrigues, or their factionalism. They are unified only through their concept of Ukrainian independence and in the face of their common enemies.

[... 96-page pdf ...]

[W.Z. The above characterization of the Ukrainian Independence Movement by the CIA just after the end of WW2 in 1946 is as true today as it was 71 years ago and will doubtless persist into the far future. The price of freedom and independence is eternal vigilance! Although Ukraine is nominally independent today, this independence is once again threatened by corruption and aggression by the Russian Federation.

The scanned images of the document are not of very good quality and are sometiimes hard to read. Also, pages 32 to 35 of the document are missing.

Nevertheless, it is fascinating to read the interest the CIA had in Ukrainian affairs 71 years ago, when even the name of the leader of UPA (Roman Shukhevych) was not known.

I ran across this document inadvertantly and decided to archive it with the hope that researchers on Ukrainian issues will find it useful.]

S.L. has provided the following link to dozens of other Ukrainian topics/documents in the CIA Electronic Reading Room: