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Prytulak at centre of 2004 hate complaint

The Canadian Human Rights Commission investigated a complaint last year that writings about Jews on Lubomyr Prytulak's Ukrainian Archive website were "likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt based on religion and national or ethnic origin."

The commission launched its investigation in 2004 following a complaint lodged by the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Among the materials referenced in the eight-page final report, which was sent to Prytulak's Vancouver home Jan. 30, 2005, the commission highlighted a 1998 piece in which Prytulak, commenting on a book by Richard Glazar about the Treblinka death camp, questioned the existence of "Ivan the Terrible."

John Demjanjuk was accused of being "Ivan the Terrible" and sentenced to death in Israel in 1988, but was acquitted in 1993. Ivan the Terrible reputedly operated the camp's gas chambers and was responsible for the deaths of as many as 900,000 Jews.

"The conclusion invited by a reading of Richard Glazar's account of Treblinka . . . is that Richard Glazar never mentioned any Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka simply because there had never been any Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka," Prytulak wrote.

In another entry, Prytulak wrote: "My experience pushes me toward the conclusion that the real and tragic history of the Jewish Holocaust has been hijacked by the Holocaust fabulists who have perverted it beyond recognition."

Prytulak also railed against accounts of the involvement of Ukrainians in the attempted extermination of European Jews.

"[W]hy should it be the case that the leading slanderers of Ukrainians are Jewish?" he wrote. "How can it be that Jewish leaders are so prone to lying and have such palpable intellectual shortcomings, and sometimes even remarkable character defects?"

The website also featured links to anti-Semitic and revisionist websites such as the Institute for Historical Review, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust and Campaign for Radical Truth in History.

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[W.Z. More hate-mongering by Matthew Ramsey.

Note that the complaint to the CHRC was launched by Len Rudner and not the CJC. It is not clear why the CJC "took over" from Mr. Rudner.]