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* U.S.-based Nazi war-crimes investigator Steve Rambam files a defamation suit in 2002 against Lubomyr Prytulak, claiming damages arising from defamatory information posted on Prytulak's website.

Rambam claims Prytulak's postings said that he was a mental patient and that his mother was a prostitute. Rambam is represented in the California case by Los Angeles attorney Gary Kurtz.

* In 2003, the Superior Court for the State of California, County of Los Angeles, rules in Rambam's favour, ordering Prytulak to pay $50,000 US in damages.

* Prytulak appeals on jurisdictional grounds. The appeal succeeds in 2004 and the ruling is thrown out. But as the Rambam case proceeds, Prytulak sends a series of letters and e-mails to other California lawyers, legal associations and L.A. Superior Court Judge James Dunn defaming Kurtz, the bar association and supervisory judges. The communications include claims that Kurtz lied in court on two occasions, engaged in conduct worthy of a criminal contempt conviction, engineered the judicial assignment system with Dunn, that his legal work was reckless, desperate and impotent and that the lawyer had a "feeble respect for evidence and for truth."

* Kurtz sues for defamation on March 26, 2003.

The court issues a summons and complaint for damages and injunctive relief on Nov. 19, 2003. The first amended summons, first amended complaint and statement of damages are served on Prytulak on Dec. 05, 2003. Prytulak later applies to the court to quash the summons, again on the basis of jurisdiction. His application is denied on Feb. 03, 2004, and he is given 30 days to file a defence. Prytulak fails to enter a defence.

* The B.C. Land Title Office receives an application on April 26, 2004, that shifts ownership of a house jointly owned by Prytulak and B.C. Supreme Court Judge Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg solely into the name of Koenigsberg, Prytulak's partner. Koenigsberg is listed as the sole owner of the $903,000 home as of May 5, 2004.

* The judgment in Kurtz's favour is finalized Nov. 02, 2004. Prytulak is told to pay the lawyer $225,000 US, plus $467.55 US in costs. Interest on the unpaid judgment is calculated at 61.77 per day, for a total of $247,210.67 US by October 2005.

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