We have summarized the denaturalization and deportation policy of the federal government previously via the Canada 2000 Election link.

On this page, we compile material associated with the latest victim, Wasyl Odynsky, who was deemed denaturalizable by Judge Andrew MacKay on March 02, 2001 after a 19 month delay and almost exactly one year after Mr. MacKay victimized Helmut Oberlander on February 28, 2000.

A summary of the case, taken directly from MacKay's judgement, is given in the first link. A letter to the Ottawa Citizen by Robert Keyserlingk, a retired professor of history intimately familiar with the immigration procedures of the 1950s, places the whole issue in perspective.

We expect to add other articles associated with this case as they become available.

Will Zuzak; 2001-03-21

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