Irwin Cotler
President Canadian Jewish Congress 1980-1983
Canadian Jewish Congress Counsel during Deschenes Commission
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada since 12-Dec-2003

Lubomyr Prytulak Letters To Irwin Cotler

@   13-Mar-2004   Who's afraid of holocaust denial?
@   03-Jun-2004   Please address the issue of Jewish men trafficking Ukrainian women
@   25-Oct-2004   Why does Parliament shun you?
@   19-Sep-2005   Were you really Nelson Mandela's lawyer?
@   25-Sep-2005   Were you really Andrei Sakharov's lawyer?
@   27-Sep-2005   Were you really Natan Sharansky's lawyer?

Lubomyr Prytulak Letters To Others Regarding Irwin Cotler

@   Paul Martin 10-Mar-2004   What kind of Justice Minister have you appointed?
@   Paul Martin 14-Mar-2004   American war crimes
@   Paul Martin 15-Mar-2004   Italian War Crimes
@   Paul Martin 16-Mar-2004   Still more Jewish war crimes
@   Paul Martin 25-Mar-2004   Irwin Cotler collaboration with Steven Rambam
@   Paul Martin 04-Apr-2004   Legacy of disenfranchising Ukrainians, Germans, and Lithuanians
@   Paul Martin 27-Apr-2004   Irwin Cotler Leadership in the Deschenes Commission Witch Hunt
@   Paul Martin 02-May-2004   Comparing American-British with Ukrainian war crimes
@   Paul Martin 14-May-2004   Please dismantle the CHRC hate-messaging unit
@   Ed Morgan   16-May-2004   A recent war-atrocity story debunked
@   Paul Martin 19-May-2004   What David Zimet tells us about Irwin Cotler
@   Mary M Gusella   27-May-2004   Lubomyr Prytulak Reply to Hannya Rizk Investigator's Report
@   Paul Martin 02-Jun-2004   Irwin Cotler and the CHRC: Two albatrosses around your neck
@   Paul Martin 07-Jun-2004   Does Irwin Cotler reach out to women?
@   Paul Martin 12-Jun-2004   Will the Liberal government criminalize investigation of archeological forgeries?
@   Paul Martin 13-Jun-2004   Canadians want to live without fear
@   Paul Martin 14-Jun-2004   Anne McLellan too drags you down
@   Paul Martin 15-Jun-2004   You are sending the electorate mixed signals
@   Paul Martin 19-Jun-2004   Canadian Jewish Congress Criminal Conspiracy Under The Competition Act
@   Anne McLellan   27-Jun-2004   Anne McLellan shrugs off Will Zuzak's complaint of minority-group persecution
@   Ed Morgan 26-Jul-2004   Jewish complaints of Canadian Jewish Congress authoritarianism
@   Paul Martin 18-Oct-2004   Stage III: Irwin Cotler's Ukrainian Archive Bill
@   Lucie Veillette 20-Oct-2004   CHRC Decision to Deal With the CJC Complaint
@   Lubomyr Prytulak   20-Oct-2004   Reply To CHRC Decision To Deal With CJC Complaint
@   Paul Martin   10-Oct-2004   Three reasons why al-Qaeda might attack Canada
@   Paul Martin   07-Jul-2005   What Countries is Canada's Justice Minister Citizen Of?
@   Ed Morgan   10-Aug-2005   Four varieties of Canadian Jewish Congress criminality
@   Paul Martin   11-Aug-2005   How Jane Stewart might have prevented the American Revolution
@   Paul Martin   17-Aug-2005   What Oreo cookies and Campbell's Vegetable Soup tell us about CJC criminality
@   Paul Martin   24-Aug-2005   Sometimes a complaint of cruelty to animals is occasioned by cruelty to animals
@   Paul Martin   02-Sep-2005   Deuteronomy does not mandate the kosher certification of dog food
@   Paul Martin   05-Sep-2005   If Deuteronomy forbids riding camels, will the Canadian Jewish Congress kosher-certify air?
@   Mary M Gusella   03-Oct-2005   Concealment, followed by confession, of CHRC spoliation
@   Aimable Ndejuru   05-Oct-2005   Mary M Gusella both compliments and endangers you
@   Alan Dershowitz   09-Oct-2005   Can you corroborate the "International Tribunal of Inquiry" story?
@   Ed Morgan   10-Oct-2005   Mistaken relevance of the Kilikov Trial parable
@   J. Grant Sinclair   16-Nov-2005   The Telephone Conference of 10-Nov-2005 Was a CHRT Bushwhack
@   J. Grant Sinclair   19-Nov-2005   Prytulak tapes four CHRC misrepresentations

What Others Say About Irwin Cotler

   Cotler Condones Terrorism To Buy Votes

@   Al Gordon   Canadian Coalition for Democracies   21-Jan-2005   Irwin Cotler on Tamil Terrorism

   Cotler is a Zionist

@   Angelo Persichilli   The Hill Times   13-Oct-2003   Schwartz, Reisman to be influential players when Martin takes over
@   Gary Zatzman  CanPalNet, Ottawa   02-Jan-2004   Irwin Cotler, MP: Minister of Justice — or Sharon's newest pipeline to America?
@   Greg Felton   Media Monitors Network   22-Jan-2004   Irwin Cotler — Israel's main man in Canada's government
@   Greg Felton   Media Monitors Network   24-Nov-2004   Israel Lobby, weak leadership debasing our Middle East policy, says MP Carolyn Parrish
@   Greg Felton   www.gregfelton.com   13-Oct-2005   Irwin Cotler is too Israeli to be in Canada’s government
@   David Noble   Canadian Dimension Magazine   01-Nov-2005   The New Israel Lobby in Action
@   David Ouellette   Judeoscope   24-Nov-2005   Senator Prud’homme alleges Minister of Justice usurps Minister of Foreign Affairs functions
@   Ron Csillag   Canadian Jewish News   01-Dec-2005   Senators spar over Mideast policy
@   Wahida C. Valiante   Media Monitors Network   28-Dec-2005   Election Time in Canada: Are You Ready?

   Cotler Wants Judicial Appointment By Ukase And By Quota

@   David A. Kahn   Letter CJRB to Martin   18-Mar-2004   CJRB applauds intent to reform
@   David A. Kahn   Letter CJRB to Cotler   24-Jun-2004   Allegation Supreme Court stacked re-surfaces
@   Editorial   Gazette (Montreal)   11-Apr-2005   No Way To Pick Judges For The Supreme Court
@   Jacob Ziegel   Globe and Mail   13-Apr-2005   Supreme Court selection process needs more thought
@   Paul Jackson   Calgary Sun   02-Aug-2005   Judge for yourself
@   Editorial   National Post   15-Aug-2005   Quotas have no place on our high court
@   Editorial   Globe and Mail   01-Sep-2005   Choose your own judge
@   Bruce Garvey   National Post   16-Sep-2005   Bring the hot seat to Canada
@   Grant Huscroft   Toronto Star   15-Nov-2005   New system to elect our top judges still elitist
@   Tasha Kheiriddin   Winnipeg Free Press   03-Jan-2006   Canadians deserve a say in choosing Supreme Court
@   Ted Byfield   Calgary Sun   19-Feb-2006   Liberal Interpretation of Justice
@ Landolt & Watts REAL Women of Canada   22-Feb-2006   Public Hearings of Judicial Appointments

   Cotler Wants to Control the Internet

@   Bram Eisenthal   Baltimore Jewish Times   01-Apr-2005   Canada Launches Anti-Racism Plan
@   Associated Press   Findlaw   08-Jul-2005   Canada signs xenophobic propaganda cybercrime protocol

   Cotler is For Ethnic-Based Justice

@   Editorial       Gazette (Montreal)   29-Nov-2004   Canada doesn't need another legal system

   Cotler is Against Open Debate and Overrides Democracy

@   Editorial   Gazette (Montreal)   09-Feb-2005   Debates on ideas should be open
@   Rob McKenzie   Orlando Sentinel   14-Feb-2005   Canadian citizens are invited to wedding — but can't speak up

   Cotler Wants More Privacy For Government

@   Greg Weston   Ottawa Sun   16-Jun-2005   A battle between shredder, whistle
@   Ken Rubin   The Hill Times   11-Jul-2005   Next Access Commissioner's mandate hijacked by government
@   James Gordon   The Ottawa Citizen   09-Sep-2005   Media access requests often delayed, censored, group says
@   Chris Cobb   Ottawa Citizen   18-Sep-2005   Cotler delays plan for lifelong gag orders
@   Bea Vongdouangchanh   The Hill Times   21-Nov-2005   Slaying democratic deficit just words

   Cotler Wants Less Privacy For Citizens

@   Michael Geist   Ottawa Citizen   25-Aug-2005   Playing Big Brother on the NET
@   Editorial   Gazette (Montreal)   08-Sep-2005   Let Canadians debate new surveillance bill
@   Jim Bronskill   Halifax Herald   20-Nov-2005   Security bill raises privacy fears

   Cotler Assigns Mclellan the Role of Figurehead in the "Right Wing Gang of Four"

@   Al-Jazeera   Canadian Islamic Congress   18-Nov-2005   Canadian Islamic Congress Criticizes Liberals for Retaining Anti-Terrorism Act

   Cotler Runs his Office with Questionable Integrity and Competence

@   Adrian Humphreys   National Post   17-May-2004   Ottawa errs in war crime report

   Cotler Misreads Social Science Data and Blocks Solutions to Violent Crime

@   Linda Williamson   Toronto Sun   21-Aug-2005   Liberals firing blanks on crime
@   CTV.ca News Staff   CTV.ca   30-Aug-2005   T.O. meeting seeks to curb gun violence
@   Arthur Weinreb   Canada Free Press   31-Aug-2005   Toronto shootings.  Cotler gets it — almost
@   Wire services   Brandon Sun   22-Sep-2005   Cotler rejects tougher gun sentences
@   Linda Williamson   Toronto Sun   25-Sep-2005   Irwin Cotler doesn't seem to be listening
@   Jim Brown   Canadian Press   26-Sep-2005   Police pay tribute to fallen officers, relatives vow lobbying campaign
@   Chris Zdeb   The Edmonton Journal   26-Sep-2005   Families of fallen call for action
@   Daniel Leblanc   Globe and Mail   28-Sep-2005   PM's account of family meetings assailed
@   Staff   canada.com   28-Sep-2005   Manitoba's Justice minister wants mandatory prison terms
@   Editorial   Ottawa Sun   22-Oct-2005   Something for victims
@   John Lawrence   Canada Free Press 10-Nov-2005   Tougher laws.  Why didn't I think of that?
@   Matt Shurrie   Woodstock Sentinel-Review   15-Nov-2005   Gun laws need tougher consequences
@   Janice Tibbetts   CanWest News Service   16-Nov-2005   Liberals' policy change linked to gun survey
@   Mindelle Jacobs   Edmonton Sun   19-Nov-2005   Grits backpedal on gun crimes
@   CP   Ottawa Sun   27-Nov-2005   Drug, gun bills an insult, prof says
@   Norma Greenaway and Allan Woods   National Post   03-Jan-2006   Leaders duel over violence
@   Small dead animals   The RoadKill Diaries   09-Jan-2006   Irwin Cotler Can STFU
@   Tracy Huffman   Toronto Star   17-Jan-2006   400 sign mom's anti-gun petition

   Cotler Is Soft On Drunk Driving

@   Staff   CKNW   17-Jan-2006   Mom wants changes to drunk driving sentences

   Cotler's Liberal Government Mismanages Gun Control

@ Greg Farrant   OFHA   22-Dec-2005   Are long guns next on Martin's confiscation list?
@   Mick Bohonis   Thunder Bay's Source   23-Dec-2005   Guns, crime and our government don’t mix
@   Terry McGarvey   Powell River Peak   28-Dec-2005   Gun control a waste of money
@   Betty Ann Adam   Star Phoenix   14-Jan-2006   Cotler misstated handgun ban support

   Cotler Presides Over a Justice System Notorious for its High Rate of Wrongful Convictions

@   Breg Bonnell   CNEWS   21-Sep-2005   Independent British tribunal may influence Canada's wrongful convictions

   Cotler Tramples Religious Values

@   Fr. Alphonse de Valk   Catholic Insight   06-Apr-2005   The intemperate Mr. Cotler

   Cotler Revenges Himself Upon a Historical Revisionist by Means of a Security Certificate

@   A. Alan Borovoy   The Toronto Star   06-Nov-1997   Culture, not the law, should muzzle Zundel
@   Mark Weber   IHR   Sep-2003   Who Is Ernst Zundel, And Why Is He In Jail?
@   Alex Neve & Michel Frenette   Amnesty International   31-Mar-2004   Open Letter from Amnesty International Canada
@   David Mullenax   Augusta Free Press   11-Jun-2004   To look again — part five
@   Kirk Makin   Globe and Mail   05-Nov-2004   Zundel not a threat, FBI ruled
@   Andy Lamey   National Post   17-Dec-2004   Playing into Zundel's hands
@   Peter Lindsay & Chi-Kun Shi   Globe and Mail   05-Mar-2005   Imagine you're Ernst Zundel
@   Barbara Amiel   Maclean's   19-Dec-2005   A farce, starring Saddam

   Cotler Wants to Decriminalize Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

@   Maria McClintock   Edmonton Sun   27-Sep-2005   Slain Mounties' families want pot bill dropped
@   Staff   SitePunch.com   27-Sep-2005   Liberals back down on pot bill in face of Conservative opposition
@   Theophilos Argitis   Bloomberg   30-Sep-2005   Canadian Marijuana Surpasses Wheat as Biggest Crop (Update2)

   Cotler Opposes Raising the Age of Consent from 14 to 16

@   Staff   CTV.ca   28-Sep-2005   Tory MP wants age of consent raised to 16
@   jhw   LifeSiteNews.com   29-Sep-2005   Canadian Parliament Votes Against Raising Age of Consent for Sex from 14 to 16
@   Staff   Brandon Sun   30-Sep-2005   Consenting kids
@   hw   LifeSiteNews.com   30-Sep-2005   Australian and Danish Governments Providing Prostitutes for the Disabled
@   Paul Samyn   Brandon Sun   08-Feb-2006   Tories to raise age of consent, targeting sex predators
@   Kate Trotter   Tri-City News   10-Feb-2006   Age of consent plan pleases advocate

   Cotler Defends Freedom of Pederasty

@   jhw   LifeSiteNews.com   27-Sep-2005   Amendments to Canadian Law to Prevent Pederasty Likely to be Defeated by MPs Wednesday

   Cotler Is For Same-Sex Marriage

@   Jim Brown   Toronto Star   09-Jan-2006   Liberals renew attack on Tories' same-sex stance

   Cotler's Government Opens The Door To Polygamy

@   Mindelle Jacobs   Edmonton Sun   14-Jan-2006   The perfect polygamy storm
@   Editorial   Edmonton Sun   15-Jan-2006   The more the merrier?
@   Arthur Weinreb   Canada Free Press   17-Jan-2006   Martin's legacy — a decline in moral values
@   Staff   Today's Family News   18-Jan-2006   Study proposes legalizing polygamy

   Cotler Allows Organized Gambling to Ruin Canadian Lives

@   Anonymous   Vive le Canada   27-Sep-2005   Nevada Connection to Gambling in Canada

   Cotler Advances Zionist Goals by Crediting the Recollections of the Senile

@   Susan Sachs   Globe and Mail   29-Sep-2005   Seifert lawyer challenges Nazi survivor

   Professor Irwin Cotler Gets Mixed Student Ratings

@   Rate My Professors   McGill University Students   24-Nov-2005   Mixed student ratings


Unless we prosecute individuals, some people will say that since there are no criminals, there were no crimes, and therefore no Holocaust.  Every time we bring a Nazi war criminal to justice we strike a blow against the Holocaust-deniers. — Irwin Cotler (as quoted by Ernie Meyer, Human Rights Activist: 'Set Up a Nazi War Crimes Unit', Jerusalem Post, 02-Jan-1989, p. 11)

Holocaust denial is both an assault on Jewish memory and an "international criminal conspiracy" to cover up the most monstrous crime in history, a leading Canadian human rights activist says. — Peter Small (referring to Irwin Cotler in Holocaust denial labelled 'criminal', Toronto Star, 21-Jan-1992, p. A6)

Asked how to distinguish between hate speech and political discourse, Prof. Cotler said a person has to look at context and underlying purpose.  "One looks at the target of the speaker," he responded.  "Is he searching for truth, or using words as assault weapons to systematically reduce the status of a minority in the eyes of the rest of the community?" — Shafer Parker (The end of free speech? Proposed federal anti-hate laws would further criminalize political discourse, British Columbia Report, 14-Dec-1998, p. 21)