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  • Bezalely - Israeli police document examiner

    Witness for prosecution in transcripts03.html

    (Jerusalem, Feb. 16, 1987 - Apr. 24, 1988)
    SUMMARY of English-language TRANSCRIPTS

    Amnon Bezalely; T004558 - 4719; 1987/04/21; Vol.8
    [1987/04/21, Tue.; T004558, Vol. 8; Bezalely]
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    T004559 - Document examiner for Israeli police since 1975; head of the laboratory since 1987; examined forged driving licenses, passports, comparison of handwriting

    T004568f - Document Mem 1 (Trawniki ID card, eventually becomes tav/149) is of a greenish type of cardboard
    - on Mem 1 there is printing, handwriting, photograph, stamps
    - printing of a printing press and also of a typewriter
    - Back of Mem 1 are pages A and B (with Streibel signature on B)
    - Front of Mem 1 are page C (photo) and D (signatures of Teufel and Demjanjuk)

    T004571 - 5 stamps on document(1 on page A, 2 on B, 2 on C, none D)
    [The round stamp to the left of the Streibel signature is stamped over top of a circle with Dienstsiegel in the middle (at a 4 degree angle clockwise), which is presumably made by printing press.]

    T004572 - Handwriting in purple shade on A, B, C is Russian translation
    - On page D, above the printed supply details (from Mutze to Brotbeutel)in the left column (directly above the Teufel signature) the "handwriting in bright blue" of the Russian translation "is not in ink, but rather in some sort of color or paint..." [Copy pencil?]
    [On my black and white photostat, this bright blue handwriting is barely visible. On the Wolembachow card, such writing is clearly visible, but not on the Juchnowskij, Bondarenko cards.]

    T004573f - "The color is rather weak, faint ... light blue ... pencilled in color rather than ink."
    - [2 red marks perhaps making a 4 in upper right corner of D are crossed out with a blue line, and there is another vertical blue line below]
    - "All of the other handwritten entries seem to be written in a fountain pen."

    T004577 - tav/145 = Album of enlargements of Trawniki ID card prepared by Bezalely [and later examined by Grant and Epstein]
    - O'Connor complains that this is the first time the defense has seen these color photographic enlargements (as opposed to b/w photostats).

    T004581f - Prosecution went to great lengths to produce Hebrew (but not English)translations in lieu of the Russian.

    T004584 - Analysis of Streibel's signature: compare to tav/89, 90, 100, 101 (originals) and tav/109, 111, 110 (photostats), tav/104, 107, 108, 105, 103, 106, 102 marked as tav/145(2)-->(16)

    T004589f - Bezalely went to West Germany with b/w photographs of Mem 1, but received original the first day he was there. [Date?]

    T004591 - Two original documents(tav/89/90 = tav/145(2)-(3)) from the Berlin Documantation Center "were personally brought to me by the security officer of the American Embassy in Frankfurt" to be inspected in Wiesbaden.

    T004595 - "Photographic copy of the documents submitted just now [tav/89, 90?] bearing the validating signature of the US Security Officer [NAME?], attesting to the authenticity of the photocopies."

    T004596 - tav/145a is dated June 8, 1984 [1986?], which presumably is the date that Bezalely was in Germany and document was signed by US Security Officer.
    - tav/145b is dated 3 Nov., 1944 presumably related to tav/89 dated June 9, 1944.

    T004600f - Bezalely analysis of Streibel signature; confirms its authenticity; inconceivable that it could be forged; "this signature is by the same person who wrote the other signatures that bear the name Streibel"
    [3 points: Simply by definition, a forgery may not necessarily be detected. Secondly, did streibel sign all the other signatures? And thirdly, even if Streibel did sign the ID card, that does not make it authentic.]

    T004627 - Levine asks if he got a live signature from Streibel.
    Bezalely: "Well, I didn't have this possibility. The signer, the signator is much older -- and in this case I had signatures from the period in question."
    [Note: Bezalely took no valid signatures from Streibel, using age as an excuse. And yet they did extract hundreds of signatures from John Demjanjuk.]

    T004630f - Analysis of signature of Teufel - 5 samples of signatures including 3 originals examined in Malsweisack (Rausmuthausen) Germany and 2 photostats.
    Originals: tav/96, 95, 94 = tav/145(18, 19, 20).

    T004648f - "triangle" above u is to differentiate from an n.

    T004656 - Bezalely: "When, after examining Teufel's signature, when I saw that I had identified Streibel's signature and Teufel's signature with certainty, I as an expert regarded this as sufficient for deciding that the document as a whole is authentic. These two examinations in themselves."

    T004659 - tav/146 = 1951-11-27 Demjanjuk request to obtain entry visa to US, signed by US office 1951-12-25
    [???ON CHRISTMAS DAY???]

    T004662 - Shaked tries to submit documents from Demjanjuk denaturalization trial, including exhibit 7 dated 1980-02-20 referring to Ignat Denonchenko [Danilchenko], Ivan Bezazuk and Petro Vondorek.
    [But the OSI suppressed the Danilchenko protocols???]

    T004666 - tav/147 = 1958-08-12 Demjanjuk American Naturalization form (h=6')
    T004666f - Demjanjuk signatures (Latin and Cyrillic) from tav/146, 147, 145, 148, 52. English from 1947 - 1958.

    T004670 - tav/145(23) = Demjanjuk-like signature from Trawniki ID card.
    T004677 - Demjanjuk signature - "the ink is green ... the document is green." "The signature is somewhat faded perhaps, and the smearing of the ink or whatever makes it more difficult."

    T004696 - Bezalely on Demjanjuk signature: "Well, as I worded my conclusion earlier, I found correspondence in the handwriting, and I can say there is a reasonable possibility that this signature was written by the same person."

    T004709 - Examination of circular stamps on photograph. "... I came to the conclusion that the photograph on Mem 1 is the original, that is, it was not changed at any stage."

    T004710 - "..., however, I would like to point out that this photograph, at some stage, fell off this document and was affixed anew."
    - Refers to "Standauferwaltaung"
    [But I can only see Stando... on lower left stamp. Should be Standortverwaltung, as seen on Bondarenko card.]

    T004714 - Levin: "The stamps 12 and 14, is that one and the same stamp?" Bezalely: "Yes. It is one and the same stamp."

    T004716 - There is a difference in color of the stamp between the photograph and paper, which Bezalely attributes to age.

    **** END of 1987/04/21 Bezalely testimony and of Vol. 8 ****

    Amnon Bezalely; T004720 - 5159; 1987/04/22 - 27; Vol. 9
    [1987/04/22, Wed.; T004720, Vol. 9; Bezalely]
    [Top] [1987/04/21] [1987/04/22] [1987/04/23] [1987/04/27] [Bottom]

    T004720 - typed letters corresponded to Olympia 12 typewriter dating back to 1930

    T004722 - Bezalely describes the difference between the small g in the 1930 and 1947 models.
    [To me, the "g" in "grau" seems to fit the 1947 description perfectly.]
    - also compared typed letters from other Trawniki documents.

    T004724 - Catalogue outlining these differences was prepared by Hess in Germany. Same model of typewriter was used in tav/109, 111, 134, 118, 110.
    [He should be able to determine if the same typewriter was used.]

    T004727 - Tav/101 and Mem 1 have slight differences such that they may have been typed on the same typewriter but not certain.

    T004732 - Large printing press characters are of the "Egyptian style".
    T004734f - Another style of characters (with slanted t)
    - Third type of character - Halbfett - Medieval ; i. A. on Page B and most of C and D.

    T004737 - Fourth type of character - Italic - above signatures of Teufel and Demjanjuk.
    - Fifth character set - Dienstsiegel [Why is the word rotated clockwise about 4 degrees?]

    T004738 - There are 3 SS signs on page B as part of the printing press print. "they were specifically, expressly prepared for this and are not part of a letter set.
    [There are 2 more SS signs on the page, but of different sizes.]

    T004739f - Bezalely speculates as to the reasons there are so many different typefaces and sizes.

    T004742 - Letter types similar to the Trawniki ID card are found in tav/124 (Dozenko file card) and tav/143 (Fritsch [Pritch?] index card)

    T004746 - photolab person, David Lazar, did some high contrast photography to bring out the number 1393 on the photo.

    T004747 - Bezalely discounts the possibility of rectangle with number 1393 being added on after the fact or by retouching.
    [It is never explained why the number 1393 is so faint.]

    T004748f - Mem 1, tav/136, 137 have the same photopaper thickness of 18 to 19 microns. By looking at emulsion under microscope, ultraviolet, etc. conclude it is the same type of paper.
    - In Mem 1 and tav/136 the cutting line is not a straight one.

    T004750f - Bezalely: "Well, what we do see here, that the photographer who made these prints used an improvised frame, which was cut in any shape at all", but frame was exactly 3.6 millimeters [??cm??] wide.
    - paper of Mem 1 is greenish cardboard of coarse non-uniform fibres. coloring was added before paper was pressed. "It's not a very high quality piece of cardboard."
    [One should thus conclude that it is unlikely that the Germans would use it.]
    - fibres may have come from cotton; recycled type of paper.

    T004752 - Reference to tav/89 = Demjanjuk driving license from 1947
    - "The [Demjanjuk] driving license of 1947 ... was printed on a greenish piece of cardboard."
    - Coloring seems the same but paper is of slightly better quality
    - Mem 1 appears to have aged in a similar fashion as other WWII documents.

    T004757 - A 7/16 inch wide strip (along photo and across the last e of Streibel's signature and Russian script) was folded over. "The fold took place after the signatures and the Russian translation was put in."

    T004761 - Shaked tries to submit the Trawniki ID card, but Sheftel objects especially since the document was not legally submitted by the Soviet Union.

    T004801 - Sheftel argues "Armand Hammer is, as it were, the best testifier to the chain of ownership" and should thus submit the document.

    T004812f - Gill cross-examines Bezalely
    T004817 - In 1980 Bezalely took a one week training course with Metropolitan Police of London given by David Allen.

    T004820 - In Israel, got training from Varda Tamir and Michael Finefax.
    T004831 - Bezalely first saw the original Mem 1 (Trawniki ID card) on Wed., Dec. 17, 1986 [WHERE?]

    T004832 - Mem 1 (Trawniki ID card) was officially handed over to Bezalely on Dec. 19, 1986 by Michael Shaked.
    [WHERE? I thought the Israelis had picked it up in Germany.]

    T00483f - Started on the case on April 2, 1986; worked with prosecution team; did the testing and examination himself, discussed it with colleagues; received finding from lab in West Germany; wrote expert opinion Feb. 16, 1987; didn't write out schedule of time.

    T004840f - Gill defines terminology by displaying things on blackboard and discussing them with Bezalely.

    T004849 - nun/37 = 1987-03-01 letter of Sheftel to Shaked requesting material and photos that Bezalely would be using in his testimony.
    - Bezalely never saw the letter; he prepared such a list and handed it over to Shaked over one month ago, which Shaked handed over 2 or 3 days ago [April 25, 1987].

    T004851 - Bezalely did not take any ink samples while he was in Germany (for a week or so).
    [Exactly what dates?]

    T004852 - Gill: Russian embassy official in Washington, Mr. Kubernoff, indicated to O'Connor that he knew the Trawniki ID card was altered.

    T004857 - Gill to Bezalely: "... this is a reversal of what is normally happening under normal police work. The situation you find yourself with here is not trying to prove that somebody forged this document, your role in this particular case is just the opposite of what a normal police function would be based upon the general circumstances you find yourself in the laboratory as a document examiner for the State Police."
    [VERY GOOD POINT! Subsequent testimony indicates that Bezalely refused to do any tests which at least had a potential of exonerating Mr. Demjanjuk.]

    T004860 - Neurbert and Schneider in W. Germany helped Bezalely with identifying typeface of Olympia 12 typewriter.

    T004860f - "On the first day of my stay in Germany I received the original of Mem 1", from Roman Yargen [Yagel?] who is the representative of the Israeli Police in Germany. Bezalely doesn't know where it came from, "but it is the same document that I had seen before and it was in the packaging which I had prepared." "... but the stage at which I saw it again in Germany, it was already past all the microscopic tests that I had carried out and I knew each comma, each full stop on it. In addition, I had also marked it with the initials of my name and to this day it bears two such initialings of my initials, my name."

    [This is all very confusing as to the timing! When and where were these things done? On T002020, Ish-Shalom testified that Trawniki ID card arrived in Israel right after the indictment on Sept. 29, 1986.]

    T004862 - These initials do not appear on enlargements given to the judges. The initials were done "before I came to Germany."

    T004863 - Gill demands that a new set of photos be made displaying these markings.
    T004864 - Bezalely's initials are on the lower left hand corners in black ball-point. (On side A under the court's seal[WHAT COURT?])
    [What right does Bezalely and the Israeli court have to disfigure an original document with their initials and seals?]

    T00487f - There is an M1 [on my copy, it appears as N1 at the very top] on the photo of the Trawniki ID card. Bezalely doesn't know what it is. Shaked suggests that the marking was there, when the card was in the US.

    T004868f - Gill asks about a paper clip type of abrasion on the upper left corner of the photograph. Bezalely doesn't know what might have caused it.

    T004870f - Gill asks about two small staple-like holes [vertical to the right of the man's left ear] in the photo which do not penetrate the document below. Bezalely speculates that the photo dropped off at some stage and was attached to a different document. Within the holes, there are smudges of purple-colored ink similar to the ink used in the Russian translation.
    [What is the spacing between the holes? What is their diameter?]

    T004872 - When asked whether if, in fact, it was the same ink as the Russian translation, Bezalely says: "I did not consider it necessary to check this."

    T00476 - Reference to white "button"
    [Presumably, a white circle on the lower right edge of the photo, below the white rectangle with 1393. On my b/w photostat, it is so bright that I initially thought it was a hole in the photo.]

    T004878 - On all the documents that Bezalely saw "the photographs don't carry any stamps on those card index and "personnelbogens", card index files."
    [Why would there not be stamps on the personalbogen?]

    T004882 - On Mem 1, page D upper right hand corner, Bezalely earlier testified that there was a handwritten 4 crossed out. Gill: In looking at that in the colored version, you see there are two red lines and then they are crossed through by a bright blue line." Bezalely did not try to determine which came first. About 2 spaces below the 4 there is a vertical "bright blue line", which Bezalely says is similar in color and written with the same implement.

    T004884 - There are two purple ink marks - above Teufel's rank and bottom edge of page C, which Bezalely speculates is similar to the purple ink in the staple holes in the photograph. But Bezalely attaches no significance.

    T004885f - Levine argumentation for admitting the Trawniki ID card T004887 - tav/149 = Mem 1 = Trawniki ID document and photo [original delivered by Armand Hammer]

    [1987/04/23, Thu.; T004888, Vol. 9; Bezalely]
    [Top] [1987/04/21] [1987/04/22] [1987/04/23] [1987/04/27] [Bottom]

    T004889f - Bezalely recognizes picture 4 of tav/44 but he has not seen the photospread before. Gill asks him to compare the pictures #4 of tav/44 and 19(c) of tav/46, which are blowups of the trawniki ID photo

    T004900 - Gill refers Bezalely to 19(c) of tav/46 photospread - to compare color of uniforms. The photo 19(c) tav/46 shows greater contrast than Mem 1 = tav/149.

    T004904 - Gill compares photo in tav/126 [Ludwig Kairys] with that of photo 6 of tav/44.

    T004906f - Gill compares photos in tav/136, 126, 118 [Fritsch, Kairys, Svidersky]. On tav/136 there seems to be one author for front, and 3 separate authors on back, with 3 separate dates.

    T004910 - Comparison of tav/136 (Fritsch [Pritch] personalbogen) with tav/143 (Fritsch index card). Presumably handwriting is different.

    T004911f - Comparison of personalbogen of Svidersky (tav/118) with Kairys (tav/126). Entries are of the same typeface and presumably the same typewriter. There is Russian writing [typing?] - bilingual - on the backs of tav/118, 126 but not on tav/149.

    T004914 - There are thumb prints on tavs/118, 126, 136 but not on tav/149 = Mem 1.
    T004916 - On tav/136 there are 2 photos - one in front and one on back
    - tav/126 is not an original

    T004923f - On the back of tav/149, there is a discoloration directly behind the photo, but such discoloration does not appear behind the photos of tav/136, 137. Paper of tav/136, 137 is of a different kind, also glue may be different. Bezalely did not test paper or glue of tav/136, 137.

    T004929 - Initial testing of paper (on tav/149) took place in Dec. 1986. Documents tav/136, 137 (personalbogen Fritsch, Sheshiev) were received in Feb. 1987, but no paper test was done.

    T004330 - Gill points out that Bezalely took the police attitude that Demjanjuk was guilty and tailored all his tests and testimony to confirm that conclusion.

    T004936 - Bezalely received Polish documents (including tav/136, 137) on Feb. 12, 1987 and prepared draft report on Feb. 15, 1987.

    T004938f - On Feb. 10, 1987, Bezalely told Fabian Tyson and John Gill that he felt that the card was authentic. Tyson examined Tav/149 on Feb. 9, 1987.

    T004945 - None of the Trawniki-related photos that Bezalely saw had either the N1 nor stamps as appear on tav/149.

    T00949f - Gill refers to sizes of white rectangles with numbers 1280 (tav/137 = tav/145(67) = Sheshiev) and 941 (tav/136 = tav/145(66) = Fritsch)

    T004951 - nun/38 = Photo of blackboard with Gill's handwritten samples for Bezalely.

    T004952f - Dimension of rectangle on enlarged photo:
    tav/137 = tav/145(66) = 29 mm x ???
    tav/139 = tav/145(69) = 29 mm x (11.0 mmR - 10.7 mmL)
    tav/137 = tav/145(66) = (28.5 mmT - 29.0 mmB) x ((??R - 12 mmL)
    tav/149 = Mem 1 = (30.5 mmT - 30.8 mmB) x (9.5 mmR - 9.0 mmL)

    T004953f - Gill: On tav/149, the rectangle is about 3 times as long as it is wide (9.4 mm x 30.4 mm), whereas the others have about a 2:1 ratio (12 mm x 29 mm)
    [This ratio is 2.42:1 vs 3.23:1 for tav/149]
    - There is a protrusion upwards of the rectangle in tav/149.

    T004957 - On tav/137 (Sheshiev)the numbering block is "as if it were between the button and the coat."

    T004958 - Bezalely cannot ascertain how the numbering block was affixed in tav/149.
    T004965 - The photo on tav/149 has a "kind of yellowish spot in the center which may perhaps be as a result of filtering down of the glue" - which affected seals too.

    T004969 - Despite the fact that all the other Trawniki photos are significantly different from that in tav/149, this did not affect Bezalely's conclusion.

    T004973 - Reference to white circle under the number tag in photo of tav/149. Bezalely claims it may be a button; he says there is a similar circle on the other side of the chest.
    [On my b/w photostat, this "button" on the left hand side is barely visible if it is there at all. On a picture, why would one button be so bright as to be overexposed, while the other is so underexposed as to be virtually invisible?]

    T004976f - Gill refers to 2 yellow spots on the bottom half of page A of tav/149 (opposite Streibel signature), as well as about 6 yellow spots on page B. On the other side, there are many spots (above N1 of photo, on RHS over crossed out 4, etc.). Bezalely observed them under a microscope, but did not conduct any tests.

    T004980 - There are 5 SS symbols printing press printed on tav/149 [page B], but Bezalely checked only 3 of them which were of the same 6 point size and specially hand made.

    T004983f - Questions re who wrote the entries LG. Okzow and Sobibor; whether all the 1's on page D are by the same person.

    T004987 - The 1 after Ruksak is a different type of ink than the other 1's. Presumably Ruksak and 1 are the same ink though Bezalely did not test it.
    - Bezalely did not compare Ruksak with any other handwriting. Presumably it is by a different author (not Streibel, Teufel or Demjanjuk, or the people who wrote LG. Okzow and Sobibor.)

    T004991 - The 2's have different coloring than 1's, but this may be due to a different writing implement [?? Is the ink the same?]

    T004993 - Gill asks Bezalely to examine the three 2's on page D with microscope or magnifying glass. Bezalely does "not exclude the possibility that they were written by the same person." [But is the ink the same? Was it written with the same pen? At the same time?]

    T005004 - The ink of the Russian translation is of 2 types - purple and light blue over items of clothing.
    [The light blue is barely visible on my b/w photostat.]
    Bezalely did not compare handwriting but it looks like different handwriting.

    T005010 - Gill tries to argue that 5 "umlauts" over the purple Russian lettering is similar to the "umlaut" over the German Ruksak written in black. The implication is that it is the same author. Bezalely disagrees.

    [1987/04/27, Mon.; T005018, Vol. 9; Bezalely]
    [Top] [1987/04/21] [1987/04/22] [1987/04/23] [1987/04/27] [Bottom]

    T005021 - "I do not remember having seen other German documents with 4 different types of "t". And I did not see German documents with the same format either."

    T005022f - Gill refers to different A's, different g's, etc., but gets nowhere.
    T005042 - In the Russian translation, the bright blue ink faded far faster than the purple ink. Bezalely suggests that the light blue translation was made earlier, before the paper had become worn, whereas the purple writing was made later, after the paper faded and became worn.

    T005049 - There is a V-shaped "rip" on the upper edge on page D (page A on opposite side). Bezalely doesn't know what it is; it was already there when he got the document. Gill suggests that this was a sample taken in the US in 1980-81.

    T005053f - Tav/145(23) = enlarged alleged signature of Demjanjuk on tav/149 page D. Bezalely did not take measurements of the size of the letters in the 3 signatures.
    - In the Demjanjuk signature on tav/149 as opposed to the examplars:
    - Slant of the letters is about 50 degrees versus 45 degrees.
    - The D is much smaller and narrower.
    - The loop of the D is significantly different.
    - The initial stroke in the disputed signature is downwards, whereas in all other examples the initial stroke is upwards.
    - There are different sizes of other letters.
    - Gill states that Gideon Epstein in US was "not able to come to any conclusion with regard to the Demjanjuk signature on tav/149"
    - Gill goes through all the letters.
    - In disputed signature, there is a connection between "m" and "yah".
    - The "yah" is very different, and closer to those in Russian translation.
    - Different "n" which looks like "H".
    - The letter "k" is completely different.

    T005093f - Gill concentrates on Teufel signature
    T005107f - Gill questions Bezalely on Streibel signature.
    T005117 - Gill: "... any handwriting examplars were ever obtained from Streibel, prior to his death last year?" Bezalely: "I do not know."
    [I suggest that the prosecution deliberately avoided getting Streibel's handwriting, because it might reveal that the documents that they have submitted were not signed by Streibel himself. Gill should have asked whether Streibel died a natural death or was murdered.]

    T005130 - A correction to the first "e" of Streibel was made after the completion of the signature.

    T005137 - Bezalely disagrees that pauses in Streibel signature are due to "slow copying".

    T005041 - Levin overrules question whether Streibel was ever shown a copy of the Trawniki ID card before his death in 1986, or whether anyone tried to get a handwriting examplar from Streibel.

    T005142 - Gill asks if these documents could have been pre-signed and filled in at a later date. Overruled by Levine.

    T005144f - "During the recess", Bezalely looked at the multitude of spots with a microscope and identified 3 major groups:
    (1) The first group are not visible on the photocopies and the photostat and must be viewed on the original. These spots are yellow and have no depth and are throughout pages C and D and two are on the stamp in B. There is one spot near the staple holes. "..., near the top of the picture this spot has produced a blemish both on the picture and on the paper."
    [Then one should be able to determine whether it was produced before or after the picture fell-off and was re-attached.]
    (2) The second type of spot appears only on page B. There are 2 spots on the upper part of the page and 2 smaller spots (2 mm diameter) to the right of the seal which overlap the Russian translation. It has the nature of glue.
    (3) The third type of spot is a "sort of fading", which appears at three places. Below the picture are 2 such spots, on page B near the middle and near the Streibel signature.

    T005146f - The purple Russian translation seems to be written by one author.
    - The blue writing is perhaps from a "copy" pencil. The blue cross-out of the red 4, the 1 below it and the translation above the items, all seem to be done with this pencil.
    - Cannot say whether the figures 1 were written by Teufel or not.
    - Ruksak has tended to fade.
    - The postings to LG. Okzow and Sobibor were presumably written by different authors.
    - The 2's on page D are presumably also by a different author.

    T005149 - nun/39 = 1987-02-16 Bezalely report on Trawniki ID card.

    [W.Z. Summary: Gill made a heroic effort cross-examining Bezalely but was fighting a lost cause.

    (1) The original Trawniki ID card has a multitude of colors which exhibit far more information than the b/w photostats in my possession. It would sure be nice to have color-scanned images of the 4 Trawniki ID cards, as well as all personalbogen and card index files presented by the prosecution.

    (2) The court, prosecution and defense all strangely avoided examining the Russian translation carried out by:

    Translator 4 Ukr. MGB CCCP
    Z. Bazhlevskaya, March 12, 1948
    (which presumably is located in Vinnitsya, Ukraine)

    (3) The court, prosecution and defense all failed miserably in establishing a chain of custody of the Trawniki ID card. (Even the short periods of time when it was in the United States and Germany.) Furthermore, they should, at least, have attempted to establish the when/where/who/why of the manufacture of the paper; the printing of the forms; the taking, developing and inserting of the photograph; all the typing, handwriting, various marks, etc.

    (4) Bezalely and the prosecution ignored all the inconsistancies in the card. They took the absurd position that if the signatures of Streibel and Teufel are authentic, then the whole card must be authentic.

    (5) Bezalely went to great lengths to establish the characteristics of the various signatures, but failed to confess that 99% of signatures would have the same characteristics.

    (6) Nobody noticed or commented that "Dienstsiegel" in the printing press printed stamp to the left of the Streibel signature was rotated by 4 degrees clockwise.

    **** END of Bezalely testimony in trial and in Vol. 9 ****

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