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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., March 04, 2009

(1) Apology:
Last month, a large fraction of recipients of my GRC Reports became involved in a discussion of denaturalization and deportation, when Marco Levytsky editor/publisher of Ukrainian News attempted to initiate a discussion on the issues. Unfortunately, the discussion spiraled out of control and several people complained.

There are, indeed, a large number of Ukrainian-related issues that should be discussed; however, special newsgroups should be created for this purpose on infoukes.com, on Yahoo Groups or on private blogs. The format of my GRC Reports is not conducive for such discussion. Nevertheless, should anyone not wish to receive my GRC Reports, simply send me an Email and I will remove you from my address book.

(2) Holodomor: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
Five links have been archived on the Holodomor page of my website as indicated below. Four of them (with multiple articles in each) are courtesy of Morgan Williams.

"Land of Dilemmas" film by Olha Onyshko; 28Feb2009; courtesy M. Williams
Three articles on Holodomor  28Feb2009; courtesy M. Williams
- Russia: Deadly '30s famine not genocide; Steve Gutterman
- To counter Ukraine charges of genocide, Moscow admits to mass murder; Paul Goble
- What is the crux of the Ukraine-Russia dispute? ; Stanislav Kulchytsky
Eleven articles on Holodomor, etc.  22Feb2009, courtesy M. Williams
Seven articles on Holodomor  16Feb2009, courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor: The Secret Holocaust in Ukraine  thenewamerican.com, 06Feb2009; J. Perloff

(3) d&d: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/furman/furman.html
There was one important addition to the d&d page this past month. This is the News Release issued by Allan Rock on 31Jan1995 to announce that the Federal government would abandon criminal prosecutions of alleged “Nazi war criminals” and replace them with “denaturalization and deportation”--  the process utilized by the Office of Special Investigations in the John Demjanjuk case; the process which the Federal Government in 1987 promised never to use.

I repeat once again that d&d is a blot on the Canadian legal system and our legal profession. It should never have been allowed to happen. Canadians and the Ukrainian community, in particular, must demand that the d&d policy be abandoned, and an apology and financial compensation issued to its victims.

News Release on d&d initiation 1995.01.31 by Allan Rock; courtesy M. Levytsky, W. Zuzak, 28Feb2009
War-crimes squad needs money as costs soar Globe and Mail, 12Dec2008; D. Beeby  [W.Z.]
Process fails us all in Oberlander case  Kitchener Waterloo Record, 01Nov2008; Editorial [W.Z.]

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2009.03.04