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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., February 04, 2009

(1) Holodomor: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
Two links have been archived on the Holodomor page of my website as indicated below.

Human Life in Russia  01Nov1935; Ewald Ammende [W. Zuzak review]
Israel does not regard famine in 30s genocide of Ukrainians 28Jan2009; Itar-Tass [W.Z.]

Human Life in Russia

Dr. Ewald Ammende (1892–1936) was born in Estonia of German heritage. He visited the Volga and Kama regions of the Tsarist Russian Empire in 1913 to study the grain trade. Following WWI, he witnessed independent Ukraine under Skoropadsky, the Rada and Petliura. During the winter of 1920, he witnessed the terrible famine conditions in Petrograd (Leningrad, St. Petersburg). He participated in the international relief efforts (from America and Europe) during the 1921-22 famine in “Russia” which he estimates decreased deaths by starvation from 10 million to 4 million.

In 1925, Dr. Ammende became Secretary General of the European Congress of Nationalities, which was an NGO committed to the protection of the numerous national minority groups in post-WWI Europe. As such, Dr. Ammende was intimately familiar with the various ethnic minorities in Europe and especially the Soviet Union.

For the next several years, he observed the agricultural situation in the Soviet Union closely. “On Sunday, December 29, 1929, the Neue Zurcher Zeitung [in Switzerland] published a letter from myself [Ammende] written to attract public attention to the danger of a new and acute famine arising in Russia.”  Unfortunately, his warning was ignored and the famine [Holodomor] developed as he had predicted as a result of the Kremlin’s agricultural policies.

“On June26, 1933, the Vienna Reichpost published a letter from me [Ammende] containing a full account of the position [situation], together with suggestions for putting an end to the ravages of the famine.” Once again, all his efforts proved fruitless due to the adamant denial of the famine by Moscow and the political hypocrisy of the American and European powers.

Dr. Ammende wrote his book in 1935 in German and issued an English version in 1936. To my knowledge, this is the only book from that era written on the subject of the Holodomor. I would urge readers to obtain a copy from their library or via the Internet to obtain an understanding of the situation and political realities of that time. This is succinctly summarized in the footnote at the bottom of page 300:

A well-known Geneva correspondent observed to the writer: “What is the use of all this talk about people who are dying in Russia? You are pushing at an open door. No one but Herriot thinks of denying that there is a famine in South Russia. But, for the well-known political reasons, there is no possibility now of a discussion of the famine, an awkward question for Moscow and so for its friends too – let alone any talk of relief.”

Rather than write a book review, I simply highlighted interesting information appearing in every chapter. (See link.) In light of all the evidence presented by Dr. Ewald Ammende, no one can claim that the decision-makers of the world were unaware of the Holodomor and its genocidal nature.

(2) d&d: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/furman/furman.html
There were no additions to the d&d page this past month.

However, the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA) has initiated a postcard campaign addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and to Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan calling for the denaturalization and deportation of all NKVD, SMERSH and KGB agents that managed to enter Canada. Specifically, the postcards addressed to Mr. Harper (and Mr. Van Loan) state:

“An eye for an eye”

Dear Prime Minister:
Canada should not allow any veterans of the Soviet secret police – the NKVD, SMERSH and KGB – to live here.
No excuses. No exceptions.
Denaturalize and deport them all immediately.
Stand up for Canada!

As you all know, I am very much opposed to the d&d policy initiated by the Liberal government in January 1995 and maintained by the Conservative government to the present day. It is an abuse of the judicial process. It is a blot on our society, on our judicial system and on our legal profession. It should never have been allowed to happen and must be discontinued immediately. In my opinion, the Ukrainian community should demand an apology from the federal government and full financial compensation to the victims of the d&d policy.

It is understandable that UCCLA is frustrated with the hypocrisy of the federal government and its inaction against self-confessed war criminals that murdered Ukrainians with impunity. And although I agree that the d&d policy is pure evil, I cannot agree to compound this evil by applying it to other (perhaps more deserving) victims.

Therefore, before I sign and send these postcards away, I will cross out the offending words and write in such comments as:

“An eye for an eye” is an evil concept.
Denaturalization and deportation (d&d) is an evil policy.
Please abandon this immoral d&d policy,
issue an apology for having used it in the past,
and provide full financial compensation to its victims.
Any future prosecutions of accused persons should be held in criminal courts of law
with rigorous rules of procedure, full disclosure and protection of the accused.

I hope others will follow my example.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2009.02.04