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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., January 07, 2009

Khrystos Narodyvsia! Slavimo Joho!

 (1) Holodomor: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
Ten links have been archived on the Holodomor page of my website as indicated below.

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Stalin's new status in Russia  BBC News, 27Dec2008; R. Galpin [W.Z.]
Three articles on Holodomor 26Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Remember the Holodomor; Cathy Young
- U.S. House of Representatives Resolution of Sep. 22, 2008
- Anniversary of an Atrocity; David Marples
Four articles on Holodomor  25Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
- An Obligation to the History; Aleksandr Biberaj interview
- Truth must be sought every day; Olha Herasymiuk interview
- Kyiv's focus on the Stalin-era famine leads Russians and Kazakhs to ask why their governments don't; P. Goble
- Tatar nationalists ask UN to condemn 1921 famine as genocide; P. Goble
Two articles on Holodomor  22Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Ultimate Retribution; Zinovii Partyko
- Against the Vampires of the Past; Oxana Pachlowska
Holodomor  AUR921 (items 19 to 26)  22Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
Ten items on Holodomor 20Dec2008; courtesy M.Williams
Holodomor  AUR920 (items 16 to 20)  19Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams

Of particular interest is the BBC News article of 27Dec2008 by Richard Galpin titled “Stalin’s new status in Russia”, in which he makes the nonsensical statement that Stalin “killed millions of his own people”. Stalin was of (presumably) Georgian and not Russian ethnicity, so he was not killing “his own people”. It would be more correct to say that Stalin “killed millions of people of various ethnicities that were enslaved within the Bolshevik Russian Empire”.

Since many Russians were, indeed, killed during the Stalin era (including the Holodomor), it is highly ironic and deeply frightening that ethnic Russians would vote for a foreign murderer of their own kin as being the Greatest Russian.  This absurdity clearly illustrates that modern-day Russians are willing to condone genocide of their own kin in order to have genocide inflicted on others that they perceive to be a threat to the Russian Empire.

It further indicates that many (if not most) Russians not only condone the Holodomor, since they realize that it was perpetrated in their honour, but would also be willing to condone future genocidal policies against Ukrainians and other ethnic groups within the former Soviet Union.

(2) d&d: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/furman/furman.html

War-crimes squad needs money as costs soar Globe and Mail, 12Dec2008; D. Beeby  [W.Z.]
A Goss Gilroy Inc. evaluation of Canada’s War Crimes Unit (obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act) indicates that this malignant entity is seeking further funding for its nefarious activities. I have incorporated several links to background information within the article.

(3) Count Ignatieff Slain By Russian Workman: New York Times, 23Dec1906

The Ukrainian community is rightfully concerned about the views of the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada concerning Ukrainians and Ukraine. Nevertheless, I feel we should be less concerned about some of his past injudicious statements and more concerned about his views on the Holodomor, past Russian efforts by some of his forebears to eradicate the Ukrainian language and culture and especially the present Russia-Ukraine natural gas controversy.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2009.01.07