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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Feb. 06, 2008

(1) Holodomor:  Five articles have been added to the Holodomor Files at

An “action item” on e-Poshta highlights the efforts of the Toronto Holodomor Committee to convince the Toronto District School Board to include the Holodomor in its Genocide Studies program. Marco Levytsky in an article and an editorial of the 24Jan2008 issue of the Ukrainian News discusses the issue in detail.

Also included is an article by Will Zuzak on the 22Jan1933 decree of Joseph Stalin to seal the borders of Ukraine to prevent starving Ukrainian peasants from seeking food in Belarus and Russia; as well as an article by Eric Margolis describing Stalin as the century’s bloodiest figure.

(2) Denaturalization and Deportation:  The 11Jan2008 issue of e-Poshta and the 24Jan2008 issue of the Ukrainian News indicate that the RCMP is once again approaching elderly Ukrainians under false pretences searching for “Nazi war criminals”. Ukrainians are strongly warned not to speak to these people without first consulting a criminal lawyer. Paul Chumak, who appeared as a lawyer for the defense in the 1987/88 Jerusalem Show Trial of John Demjanjuk, issued a warning in Ukrainian on the Kontakt TV show, as did criminal lawyer Iryna Revutska on the Svitohliad TV program.

(3) John Demjanjuk:  An article by Terry Kinney in the 30Jan2008  online issue of the Toronto Star reports that Mr. Demjanjuk lost his deportation appeal. His lawyer, John Broadley, states that he will further appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. See

(4) CHRC:  On 03Jan2008, CBC commentator, Rex Murphy, lambasted the Canadian Islamic community for daring to complain to the Canadian Human Rights Commission about an Islamophobic article by Mark Steyn in Maclean’s magazine. Amongst the myriad of responses, the cynical comment by Orest Slepokura reproduced below best expresses the reality of the situation:

The way "our" free speech works here in Canada goes like this: Those with low or little standing in popular opinion or the media might have their right to free speech denied with little or no fanfare and protest from the general run of opinion makers (i.e. Rex Murphy and other media lions). Ah, but... should some favourite ox of theirs be suddenly gored (in Mr. Murphy's case, one Mark Steyn and, by extension, the Macleans magazine), they'll rend their garments in public and complain bitterly about how those sundry misnamed "human rights" commissions are out to gag EVEN those with far higher standing in popular opinion or media; as though free speech was the exclusive property and sole preserve of media elites. In fact, here in Canada -- which cynics among us sometimes called "Banada" -- that's more or less what it is, or was until now.

Wallace Klinck also included an excellent comment on Mr. Murphy’s diatribe. Indeed, in a letter dated 31Jan2008, Mr. Klinck congratulated and thanked Keith Martin, MP, for his intention to introduce a Bill to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Mr. Klinck reproduces six letters and articles that he has written over the years on the CHRC and the CHRT, which he equates to Bolshevik Peoples Courts.

These and two other articles reflecting the views of Bishop Henry and of the four Islamic students initiating the complaint are archived in the CHRC files at

(5) Kyiv in Monopoly game:  at http://www.monopoly.com/
People are encouraged to log onto the Monopoly website and to vote for Kyiv to become one of the 20 cities included in the new Monopoly World Edition game board. You may vote once a day until 28Feb2008.

(6) Ukraine joins WTO:  On 05Feb2008, Ukraine was officially accepted as a member of the World Trade Organization. Congratulations to Yulia Tymoshenko ! Let us hope that she will have no difficulty having it ratified in the Verkhovna Rada.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2008-02-06