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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Oct. 03, 2007

(1) Ukraine Elections 30Sep2007: Congratulations to Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuri Lutsenko for a very successful election campaign! Also to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for once again organizing an Election Observer Mission to Ukraine. 

(2) Denaturalization and Deportation: As reported in the last GRC Report, Josef Furman passed away on 31Aug2007. Two articles in the 06Sep2007 issue of the Ukrainian News provide details of Mr. Furman’s ordeal fighting the d&d process. The editorial titled “Furman hounded until death” further blasts the federal government for continuing to utilize the d&d policy on Ukrainians, but failing to pursue four self-confessed Communist war criminals.

(3) Yitzhak Arad accused of war crimes: Two articles archived in the Furman Files at
indicate that the Lithuanian government would like to question Yitzhak Arad (originally Isaak Rudnicki) on his “role in war crimes against civilians and prisoners during World War II”. Mr. Arad testified as an expert witness in the John Demjanjuk show trial in 1987 and in the Wasyl Odynsky d&d trial in 1999. Further background information on Mr. Arad, Mariam Radiwker and Martin Kolar (from the Demjanjuk trial) is presented in the colour fuchsia.

(4) Brian Mulroney Memoirs, 1939 - 1993 on Nazi war criminals: On page 348 of his Memoirs, Mr. Mulroney parrots the catechism of the Holocaust Industry with respect to the Deschenes Commission and Nazi war criminals. It is appended below with no comments. It is also archived (with comments in the colour fuchsia) on the main page of my website under Will Zuzak Letters
http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/  or specifically at http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/wllzzk/BrianMulroneyMemoirsPage348.html

Mr. Mulroney should be asked to respond to some of the criticisms of the Deschenes Commission posed by Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak in his 27Apr2004 letter to Paul Martin archived under Cotler Files in my Geocities website
or specifically at

He could also be asked to respond to my own “Critique of Deschenes Report” of May 1987 at

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2007-10-03

Brian Mulroney Memoirs, 1939 - 1993
Published in 2007

[Page 348]

In early 1985 I turned to another distinguished judge, Mr. Justice Jules Deschenes, on a different legal matter. I asked him to examine the whole issue of Nazi war criminals who had escaped from Europe after the Second World War to slip into Canada and who could still be living here. I received a huge amount of abuse for this decision, much of it coming from traditional Tory constituencies of ethnic Canadians who originated in eastern Europe. Fiercely anti-communist, these communities were concerned about the Deschenes Commission accepting evidence from Soviet sources. While I was sympathetic, I allowed the commission to continue for one important reason: to me the idea of people who had participated in the extermination of Jews living in my country was odious and unacceptable. They had to be exposed, and then they had to be expelled from Canada.


The decision by Pierre Trudeau to leave, untroubled, Nazi war criminals living in Canada surely must rank with the greatest sins of omission in the history of this nation. After serving as justice minister and 16 years as PM, Pierre Trudeau was -- or should have been -- aware of the fact that people guilty of the most heinous crimes involving the slaughter of Jews were living in Canada. They lived here under false pretenses and were never charged because it appears that Mr. Trudeau did not want “to trouble” the social fabric of Canada. I appointed the Deschenes Commission specifically because I believed that Mr. Trudeau had opted for “social tranquility” rather than simple justice. It is repugnant to me in the extreme to think that criminals and murderers were allowed to enter Canada and prosper here, thereby sullying our citizenship, without challenge or accountability. For all those years criminals of the worst sort found sanctuary in Canada, when evidence of their guilt or their complicity was available for the minister of justice or PM if he was interested in finding out.