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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Aug. 01, 2007 

(1) Denaturalization and Deportation: 

(a) “The Ten-Year War” by Olya Odynsky: in the 27Jun2007 issue of the Ukrainian News describes the long battle fought by Wasyl Odynsky and his family against spurious war crimes charges and the threat of denaturalization and deportation of Mr. Odynsky. This article along with my commentary is archived at

(b) Helmut Oberlander and Jacob Fast: In early July 2007, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record carried three articles on the unfairness of politicians in the federal cabinet revoking the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander for the second time. Andrew Telegdi, for many years the chairman of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, provides a detailed review of the case in his article titled “Conservatives wrong to press Oberlander issue”.  Seventeen-year-old Stephanie van Pelt wonders “For how long must a 17-year-old be held accountable?” -- noting that Ukrainian-born German-speaking Helmut Oberlander was of that age when he was dragooned by the Germans to act as an interpreter. Lastly, Eric Vernon of the Canadian Jewish Congress in his article titled “Finding misrepresented” argues that the ruling of Justice Robert Decary “was not such a blanket indictment of the revocation process” as suggested by Mr. Telegdi. These articles are available via the link to the Furman Files

Once again I ask my readers to PLEASE sign the petition calling on the federal government to restore the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander at

(Very few Ukrainians responded to this request in my last two GRC Reports.)

(2) Holodomor: Reporter Andy Smart of the Nottingham online news interviews 82-year-old Dr Margaret Siriol Colley about the life and death of Gareth Jones, whose reports on the 1932-33 Holodomor in Ukraine were disbelieved and suppressed for many years. Titled “Was my amazing uncle killed on orders of Stalin?”, this article is archived in the Holodomor link at

(3) WWI Internment of Ukrainians: An editorial by Marco Levytsky in the 25Jul2007 issue of the Ukrainian News titled “Oda, Kenney have unique opportunity for an honourable settlement” outlines the position of the Ukrainian community in pending negotiations with these politicians “on the matter of redress for the Ukrainian Canadian internment of 1914-1920”, which presumably occurred on 30Jul2007.

(4) Errors of Omission: A letter by Myroslaw Prytulak to the Toronto Sun commenting on distortions in their 06Jun2007 article titled “A Holocaust ‘killing field’” has been reproduced in the 24Jul2007 issue of e-Poshta and is archived amongst the Furman Files at the link indicated above: 

[Your paper's article A HOLOCAUST 'KILLING FIELD' (Toronto SUN, June 06, 2007) leaves one with the impression that, even though as Israel's Holocaust expert Efraim Zuroff claims "Ukraine was enormous killing field ... ", apparently, no Ukrainians were ever killed in Ukraine during World War Two!

Please allow me to point out to you ... and all the 'experts' quoted by your paper that, in addition to 'providing' the Nazis with the enormous 'killing field', Ukraine also lost in this war more of her beloved sons and daughters than any other country in the entire world -- equaling the combined losses of Germany, France, UK, USA, Holland and Canada.

As a matter of fact, according to the statistics of the Institute of History of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences published in 1984, in World War Two Ukraine lost 8.0 million of her people: 2.5 million military and 5.5 million civilians. Additional 2.5 million Ukrainians were forced to work in Germany as slave-labourers and 10 million of them were left homeless in their own country. 

Since monster Hitler regarded all Ukrainians as UNTERMENSCHEN (i.e. subhumans), is the SUN by any chance also perceiving the EIGHT MILLION departed heroic Ukrainian warriors as subhumans, thus perhaps making them unworthy of your paper's attention?]

Kudos to both Mr. Prytulak and e-Poshta for archiving this “error of omission” for posterity.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2007-08-01