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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Jun. 06, 2007 

(1) Denaturalization and Deportation: On 17May2007, a  “Cabinet committee” of unknown composition met in secret to consider the recommendation of Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, that the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander, Jacob Fast, Vladimir Katriuk and Wasyl Odynsky be revoked. On 24May2007, Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice, issued a press release stating that the government had revoked the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander (again) and Jacob Fast. It was later revealed that Vladimir Katriuk and Wasyl Odynsky received letters from the government stating that their citizenship would not be revoked.

A very negative article by Stewart Bell appeared in the National Post and the Edmonton Journal demonizing Mssrs. Oberlander and Fast. A more even-handed article by Kirk Makin and Jane Taber in the Globe and Mail also discussed the decision on Wasyl Odynsky. Andrew Telegdi issued a very critical press release and later questioned Diane Finley sharply at a 29May2007 meeting of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM). The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA) issued a media release praising the decision on Wasyl Odynsky and called on the government to either abandon the d&d policy or to apply it evenhandedly to also target Communist war criminals. Brian Caldwell continues to report in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record and the Guelph Mercury. 

Marco Levytsky has written a detailed explanation and editorial on the subject in the May 30 - Jun. 12, 2007 issue of the Ukrainian News, which also includes a perspective of Lubomyr Luciuk on the Wasyl Odynsky case. These thirteen articles are archived in the Furman Files on my website at

(2) Oberlander Petition: On or about 29May2007, Ernst Friedel of the German Canadian community has posted a petition calling for the government to reinstate the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander at
The text of the petition is also archived at the Furman link indicated above.

I would urge recipients of this report to sign this petition and to also encourage their friends and acquaintances to do so. Remember that Josef Furman and Yura Skomatchuk are still at risk. Both Helmut Oberlander and Jacob Fast are of Ukrainian nationality (i.e. Ukrainian-born), although they are of German ethnicity. It is crucial that the d&d policy be discredited and abandoned and that the government apologize for initiating it and provide financial compensation to its victims. 

(3) Bykivnya Commemoration: The year 2007 is the 70th anniversary of the Great Terror of 1937 targeting all levels of Soviet society. In Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of its victims were buried in the Bykivnya Forest not far from Kyiv. The Action Ukraine Report of 21May2007 (AUR#845) has compiled 15 articles commemorating this slaughter and is archived in the Holodomor file at
or specifically at

I have taken the liberty of inserting a rebuttal by Halya Coynash in AUR#846 to a negative article (item 13, AUR#845) by Vladimir Matveyev. I also appended a second article by Dr. Kulchytsky from AUR#847 (item 27) to his original article in AUR#845 (item 8).

(4) http://www.avaaz.org : Avaaz appears to have become a very active worldwide organization bringing attention via petitions and activism to some very crucial problems throughout the world. In my opinion, it is worthwhile subscribing to its mailing list.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2007-06-06