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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Oct. 05, 2005

(1) Nuclear fission reactor technology: Recent events with respect to Ukraine and Iran indicate that both the United States and the European Union wish to preclude the development of nuclear technology for the production of electricity outside of U.S./European control. The Action Ukraine Report (AUR#557, 13Sep2005) indicates that the U.S. has reneged on its commitment on funding the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project (UNFQP). Similarly, tremendous pressure is being exerted on Iran to dissuade it from developing its own nuclear fission reactor technology. Two inter-connected articles on the issue are available at
The situation presents an opportunity for Canada (and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., in particular) to become involved in a joint project with Ukraine.

(2) Matas provocation: In response to the article "Action on war crime overdue" by David Matas (Winnipeg Free Press, 18Sep2005), in which he demands that Cabinet revoke the citizenship of Vladimir Katriuk, Helmut Oberlander, Wasyl Odynsky, Michael Baumgartner and Jacob Fast, I have posted a critique on my website via the Josef Furman link, or specifically at
It consists of my critical comments [in square brackets and in the color fuchsia] interspersed throughout the original text. There are links to a number of relevant articles archived on my website. At the end, I take the Winnipeg Free Press to task for providing a forum for the demagoguery of Mr. Matas.

(3) D&D issue: As far as we know, a Pre-Trial Conference for the cases of Josef Furman and Jura Skomatchuk is still scheduled for 18Oct2005, despite an Order dated 23Aug2005 rendered by Prothonotary Martha Milczynski.

(4) UKAR: http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/index.html
In a letter stamped SEP 13 2005, the CHRC informed Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak that its Disposition Committee has decided to forward the CJC v UKAR complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. In response to a Prytulak telephone inquiry, the Secretary to the Commission, Lucie Veillette, in a letter stamped SEP 21 2005 states: “Your letter of July 29, 2005 was not submitted to the Commission. The names of the Commissioners who rendered the decision in the above complaint are: the Chief Commissioner Mary Gusella and Commissioner Aimable Ndejuru.” [Mr. Ndejuru, located in Montreal, was appointed part-time Commissioner by Justice Minister Irwin Cotler in December 2004.]

In a letter dated 03Oct2005, Lubomyr Prytulak once again accuses the CHRC of spoliating his submissions. These first two letters (pdf files) , Dr. Prytulak’s response and 24 other key documents are listed at

Respectfully yours
Will Zuzak, 2005-10-05