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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., Apr. 07, 2004

(1) On Mar. 01, 2004, the federal government issued proceedings in Toronto to revoke the citizenship of Jura Skomatchuk of St. Catherines, Ontario.

(2) On March 17, 2004 under Court File No.: T-560-04 a Statement of Claim was filed in Federal Court Edmonton on behalf of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration against Josef Furman with the intent to revoke his citizenship.

(3) This d&d issue was discussed at a meeting on Mar. 27, 2004 with Eugene Czolij hosted by UCC-Edmonton and attended by several members of UCC-APC. On Mar. 28, 2004, Paul Grod, Chair of the National Justice Committee, wrote a letter to Judy Sgro, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, protesting the initiation of these d&d processes and requesting a meeting.

(4) Several news articles [Humphreys, Tibbetts, Levytsky, Matas] and letters to the editor [OlesenPrytulak, Szlachter, Chichak, Podilsky] on the issue appeared in the Edmonton Journal, which are archived at
Although President Catherine Chichak responded forcefully to a hate-mongering letter against Ukrainians by Lee Olesen, the Edmonton Journal edited out the information that UCC-APC insists that such cases be tried in criminal courts of law. A further response is contemplated.

(5) On Apr. 07, 2004 Marco Levytsky (National Justice Committee), Bohdan Klid (UCC-APC) and Will Zuzak (UCC-APC) met with MP Deborah Grey to discuss the d&d issue and the Furman case. Mr. Levytsky is scheduled to report on the meeting to UCC-APC.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2004-04-07