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Government Issues Committee Report; Wed., Dec. 10, 2003

(1) When Parliament prorogued in November all scheduled meetings (including those on Bill C-18) of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration were cancelled. It is not known, if and when, a new bill on Canadian citizenship will be introduced.

(2) On Nov. 07, 2003, Len Rudner of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) launched a complaint before the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) against Lubomyr Prytulak, the owner/operator of the UKAR website ( http://www.willzuzak.ca/lp/index.html ). The details of the complaint, the CHRC attempt to censor UKAR (Dec. 05, 2003) and Dr. Prytulak’s reply to the CHRC (Dec. 09, 2003) are available on the website.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2003-12-10