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Government Relations Committee Report; Wed., Feb. 06, 2002

A. Correspondence:
UCC_APC file on d/d from December 2001 contains:

(1) Letters from Gerry and Liane Yves (St. Albert) to John Williams MP(CA) re Oberlander. Liane was 9 years old in 1945 and had first hand experience of the realities of WWII in Germany. Gerry (now retired) was in the Canadian military for 27 years and is horrified by the d/d policy as highlighted in several Ukrainian News articles.

(2) Letters by Georg and Ollie Schulz:
(a) to Elinor Caplan; cc. to Chretien, Mike Harris, Yelich (CA), Martin (NDP), Inky Mark (CA), Herron (PC), Bigras (BQ), Goldring (CA), Toews (CA), Veterans Affairs, German Canadian Congress, Ukr. Cdn. Congress.

(b) to Mike Harris

(c) Responses from Shiela Copps assistant Maurice Rioux, Andrew Telegdi, Pettigrew assistant Janice Hayes.

(3) Response to Metro Cherweniuk (Smoky Lake) by Leon Benoit (CA) Oct. 09, 2001 re Oberlander and Bill C-16.

(4) Newspaper clippings (via Ollie Schulz) mostly from Canadian Jewish News on d/d issue and particularly a Canadian Alliance advertisement of Nov. 23, 2000 denying anti-semitism of Stockwell Day.

B. In Jean Chretien’s cabinet shuffle of Jan. 15, 2002:
Anne McLellan was replaced by Martin Cauchon as Attorney General and Minister of Justice;
Elinor Caplan was replaced by Denis Coderre as Minister of Immigration and Citizenship.

Both are from Montreal. In Oct. 2000, Mr. Cauchon distributed millions of dollars of election largesse to institutions in Quebec and new Brunswick. He seems to be in close working terms with Allan Rock and Anne McLellan. Mr. Coderre was previously responsible for sport and is reputed to be more open-minded than Ms. Caplan.

C. As a result of telephone discussions with Olya (Odynsky) Grod, Eugene Harasymiw and Marco Levytsky, it is recommended that UCC_APC write both Cauchon and Coderre re-iterating our concerns on d/d and perhaps inviting Mr. Cauchon or Mr. Coderre to meet with us. It is likely that these Quebec ministers would jump at the chance to appear out West.

D. WWI Internment Issue:
UCCLA would like UCC moral support to erect a plaque in memory of the Internment of Ukrainians during WWI at the Ukrainian Heritage Village this summer.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak; 2002-02-06

[W.Z. 2012.08.13:  See also
Cauchon, Coderre now responsible for d/d to [email protected], Jan. 15, 2002; W. Zuzak

February 06, 2002 is the first GRC Report that was issued. These early issues coincide very closely with the material archived on the "Wasyl Odynsky (Oberlander)" page of MoZeus
which covers the period from 02Mar2001 to 28Jan2004. Earlier material on Denaturalization and Deportation is in the "-- direct d/d link --", while later material can be found in the "Josef Furman (Skomatchuk)" link (05Mar2004 to 30Apr2010):

Since that time other issues have dominated the Zuzak GRC Reports.]